3 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time for a New Roof


Although a well-built roofing system is built to last, roof repairs can become necessary over a period of time. The best time to repair a roof is often when it starts to leak or show serious wear and tear. However, it isn’t surprising for a roofing contractor in Greenville, SC to recommend doing the repairs during the fall season. Whether for simple repairs or a new roof construction, the warmth of fall can help roofing materials adhere more properly. This ensures that the roof is air-tight so neither warmth nor moisture can escape.

Working with a Roofing Contractor in Greenville, SC

For some homeowners, a simple roof repair may be a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. However, DIY may not be too ideal for complex roofing repairs or replacements. Extensive roof replacement often requires the skills of a qualified and professional roofer. If not installed properly, new roof construction can pose potential problems such as water ponding and broken shingles.

If possible, go for the skills and experience of a professional roofer in Greenville, SC. A qualified roofing contractor will not only ensure the quality of the roof materials and installation process. Your roofer in Greenville will also make sure that the repairs or replacements are ideally done during the fall.

New Roof Construction: 3 Reasons Why the Best Time to Do It is During Fall

Your roofing contractor in Greenville, SC will most likely recommend roof replacement during the fall season. Although repairs during the summer or winter can happen, there are ample reasons that make fall the perfect season. The top reasons are:

  • Damage during spring or summer.

By the time fall already sets in, your roof will have already sustained damage during spring and summer. This makes fall the perfect time for repairs or for new roof construction. Putting off roof replacement for another season may do more damage on your leaking roof. The coming winter could easily cause an already rotting or damaged roof to collapse.

A roofing contractor in Greenville, SC can evaluate to see whether a sectional repair or a full replacement is necessary. If the contractor recommends repair or replacement, the ideal time to do it would be during the fall.

  • Ideal temperature during fall season.

Any roofing contractor in Greenville, SC will inform you of the need for sufficient warmth in properly sealing asphalt shingles. Too much heat during the summer could warp the materials of a new roof. In the same way, too much cold during the winter may cause a roof replacement material to become brittle. This can affect any new roof construction or replacement project for the worse.

Fall weather is usually characterized by temperature which is above 45 degrees. Most roofing contractors in Greenville, SC will determine this to be an ideal temperature for roofing. When new roof construction is done at proper temperatures, the shingles will attach properly to the roof surface. This makes the roof less susceptible to rain, moisture, and even mold. Roof replacement performed during the fall also gives the material enough time to dry and seal up before winter begins.

  • Heating savings.

Completing your new roof construction before winter improves the overall energy efficiency of your home. Small holes and leaks in the roof can make heating or cooling escape unnecessarily. When this happens, your energy bill could skyrocket, specifically during the winter when heating is crucial. This makes the months prior to winter the ideal time for roof replacements.

It is best to seek the advice of a roofing contractor in Greenville, SC prior to roof replacement installations. A do-it-yourself roofing project may be a budget-friendly option. However, any roof replacement effort is best left to a specialist.

Through a roofing contractor in Greenville, SC, the installation of your new roof can be done during the warmer months. Before the cold winter season sets in, the roof of your home or building will have been repaired and ready.

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There is no better time than the fall season to repair or replace the roofing system of your home.  The warm summer months may have damaged your roofing further. However, waiting until the wintertime for repairs can be a grave and costly mistake.

Don’t allow the changing seasons to affect the structural integrity of the roof of your home or building. Get in touch with us at Lanier Roofing to speak to a roofing contractor in Greenville, SC.

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