Replacement​ Windows in Greenville, SC

Replacement​ Windows

New windows help to make your home more beautiful, both inside and out, increase its value, and improve the comfort level for you and your entire family. It is one thing to make the decision to replace the windows in your house - it is quite a different matter to find a quality manufacturer.

One of the most rewarding and valuable home improvement projects that you can make is to replace the windows in your house. New windows help to make your home more beautiful, both inside and out, increase its value, and improve the comfort level for you and your entire family.

It is one thing to make the decision to replace your home windows – it is quite a different matter to find a quality manufacturer. You should definitely consider Interstate Home windows & Doors if you are searching for the best replacement windows for your home. Contact our Greenville Home window contractors today to schedule your free quote.

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Why Choose Interstate Replacement Windows?

Interstate has a long history in the industry dating all the way back to 1938. The company has proven its ability over many decades to deliver the highest quality doors and windows. The brand offers windows that come with some of the industry’s best features, including the following:

ClimaGuard Low-E Glass

With low emissivity glass, there is a metallic oxide thin coating that reflects long-wave infrared light. This light heats up your house and fades your furniture. This coating cannot be detected by your eyes since it is so thin but this energy-saving feature will definitely be reflected in your utility bills!

Argon Gas Infill

When it comes to the multi-pane windows offered by Interstate, they feature more than simply plain air in between the sheet of glass. Instead, they contain denser argon gas which is a superior infill that provides better insulation which results in lower cooling and heating bills.

Wide Range of Pane Options

Interstate offers fuel saver plus, fuel saver, dual glazes as well as other pane options to suit your window replacement budget and energy-saving needs. Whether you need to opt for something affordable or want to choose the highest-end windows that are available, Interstate has the perfect windows for you.

Composite Wood Windows

If you really like the look of real wood windows but not all of the extra maintenance that goes along with them, then CompositWood Windows might be ideal for you. They look just like wood, but they provide the top energy savings of acrylic resins and polymer, low maintenance of vinyl, and strength of metal.

Permanent color surface technology is also featured in CompositWood that results in a highly fade-resistant, weather-resistant, and durable product that stands above all other materials used to make window frames.

Benefits Offered by Interstate Windows

Interstate offers so many excellent options that you can expect to instantly be able to enjoy numerous benefits after you have their new windows installed on your home in Greenville, SC. Some of the top benefits include the following:

Low Maintenance

When you have CompositWood windows installed on your home, you will not ever need to worry about rotting, warping, fading, chipping, or cracking. Your windows will look great for many years without you needing to put in much effort at all.

Lower Energy Bills

Interstate windows contain advanced energy-saving technologies that ensure that your energy bills will be reduced substantially in both the winter and summer. That makes installing new windows a sound investment that will pay for itself over the course of time.

Improved Comfort

Not only do drafts increase your energy bills – they make you a lot less comfortable as well. With less air infiltration and improved insulation from Interstate windows, all the rooms in your home will feel much more comfortable.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

By installing new windows on your home, you will enhance its appearance which in turn will improve your property’s curb appeal and increase the resale value of your home if you decide to sell it in the future.

Noise Reduction

If you are constantly having to try to tune out traffic from the main road or noisy neighbor kids, then CompositWood multi-pane Interstate windows are exactly what you need to insulate against all of the noise.

Install Interstate Windows In Your Greenville SC Home

Lanier Roofing is one of the leading Interstate Window & Door dealers in the Upstate region of South Carolina. For answers to your questions about your upcoming window installation project or for more information about this brand, please call our knowledgeable and friendly staff at 864-990-4836 to schedule your free consultation.

When installing new windows, you can save money and lower your energy bills when using qualified ENERGY STAR products. According to, you can save between $126 and $465 annually when replacing single-pane windows. If you are replacing double-pane windows, savings can range from $27 to $111 annually.

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To view the “Selecting Energy Efficient Replacement Windows in South Carolina” guide, please click below:

Frequently Asked Window Replacement Questions

When a home has windows that are at least 25 years old, it will be able to enjoy the benefits of having better protection and being more energy efficient when the windows are replaced. Windows where drafts can easily get through are prime candidates for replacement, as are windows that are susceptible to winter frost and ice, and ones that have been painted and sealed.

The following signs can help you decide if your windows need replacing:

  • During seasonal extremes, such as summer and winter, the house is either too hot or cold respectively.
  • You experience difficulty when trying to close or open the windows
  • Air drafts can be felt leaking through the window or in the space around it
  • The presence of wind causes the windows to make rattling sounds
  • The window paint begins to peel and chip away
  • Your utility bills are higher than they should be
  • The window panes collect a large amount of condensation
The presence of water vapor in the air is what causes condensation. This is called humidity and it occurs naturally and can’t be seen with the human eye. The condensation forms when the water vapor reaches a surface that has a cooler temperature than it. This causes the vapor to collect as little drops of water.

Humidity and temperature differences between air inside the house and outside cause condensation, so if there is a lack of internal humidity, then the condensation won’t be likely to form. The home’s humidity and temperature will have an effect of how much condensation will be present. Condensation is reduced greatly with energy efficient windows because of how the glass temperature is controlled. The U-factors in energy efficient windows are low, which keeps the glass temperature similar to that of the air temperature in a room. Window frames that don’t have metal and utilize warm edges will also result in less condensation.

Windows that have multiple layers have the least amount of condensation, even when the weather is at its worst. Dew can still be present on the outside of these windows during humid mornings, just as it would on a wall with insulation, but the condensation won’t be a problem.

Replacing the windows in your home with energy efficient windows will result in lower heating and cooling bills during the winter and summer respectively, which will help you save money that would have been wasted. The latest windows that have been constructed with energy saving technology will lead to lower consumption and the windows will essentially pay for themselves.
The decision of whether to replace all of your windows at once or one by one depends entirely on you. Homeowners may decide to do a full replacement or replace things as part of a series of projects for many reasons, including costs and time. Lanier Roofing is able to help no matter when you chose to replace your windows. We would love to help you replace them all now, or sometime in the future.