Standard Roofing Mistakes to Avoid


Roofs are the most critical components of buildings. It is because of how essential rooftops are that one needs to treat them carefully. Sadly, many people treat their roofs like some unimportant part of the house. In the process, they make some roofing mistakes that could be fatal and damage the building and its contents. This doesn’t have to be your story.

Most roofing mistakes are avoidable. So, with adequate knowledge and proper care, you can avoid making them. Furthermore, it is always best to work with an experienced roofing contractor in Greenville. The guidance of an expert is an extra safeguard against the fallouts of bad roofing practices.

8 Roofing Mistakes to Look Out For

Below, we outline eight roofing mistakes you should avoid making.

  • Improper Installation

Who roofs your house and how they do it could be the genesis of your roofing problems. This is why it is essential to engage excellent roofers in Greenville. Different roofing types require unique installation techniques. A roofer may be skilled in installing a kind of roof but lack the proper skill to install another type. Therefore, it is best to ensure that your roofing contractor is sufficiently skilled to properly install your roofing option.

  • Lack of Maintenance

Few things can destroy a roof faster than neglect and the absence of maintenance. As roofs age, problems begin to arise. For instance, falling items may make holes in the rooftops, or some shingles may shift. Routine maintenance will often identify and fix these issues. However, if you don’t have a roof maintenance culture, most of these problems will go unnoticed and eventually degenerate into more serious issues.

  • Fixing Your Roof Yourself

It is undeniable that the cost of roof repairs or replacement can be pricey. However, trying to fix your roof by yourself to dodge the cost of employing an expert can be a fatal mistake. You don’t have the skill and experience of a roofing contractor. So, your work will most likely be subpar. What’s more? You could even cause more severe damage to the roof. Thus, it is always advisable to engage a professional Greenville roofer for all roof jobs.

  • Overlaying

When your roof starts to get old or bad, an inexperienced roofer may recommend overlaying. Doubling your roofing sheets or shingles may appear wise; however, it is counterproductive. Overlaying could void any warranty given by your roof manufacturer. Furthermore, this practice can hide any existing damage and trap in heat, thereby destroying your shingles. So, this is a bad idea which you should avoid.

  • Poor Roof Slopes

Roofs are usually sloped in some areas to guide water flow. There is increased water flow along these valleys or slopes. Therefore, you should take care when choosing the materials used in roof valleys. The care is necessary because if you use unsuitable materials to build your slopes, that area will be susceptible to leaks. Roofers in Greenville, SC, can help you avoid this.

  • Disobeying the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Roofing manufacturers usually include guidelines for the installation and maintenance of their roofing sheets. The manufacturer certainly knows their product better than everyone else, so it’d be a mistake to ignore them.

Disobeying the guidelines may even adversely affect the roof’s warranty if it spoils before its expected lifespan. So, it would be best to follow the manufacturer’s guide to the letter. It will also help if you ensure that the installation contractors follow the guide, no matter how experienced they may be.

  • Poor Attic Ventilation

Proper attic ventilation is vital if your roof will last longer. Too much heat or moisture in the attic can damage the underparts of your roof. Always find out whether your Greenville roofer made provision for attic ventilation so that your roof can last through its expected lifespan.

  • Not Installing Leak Barriers

There are areas of roofs that are more prone to leaking. Such regions include slopes, edges, skylights, and chimneys. Leak barriers are often placed at these points to prevent any leakage. It would be a terrible mistake to neglect to install these barriers because you will be exposing your roof and building to damage from water.

Let Lanier Roofing Help You Prevent These Roofing Mistakes!

Inexperienced and poorly skilled roofing contractors can cause most of the roofing problems discussed above. Therefore, the best way to avoid making any of these roofing mistakes is to engage the best Greenville roofing company. At Lanier Roofing, we can guarantee all-round care and protection for your roof. We offer both installation and repair services. So, if you want to avoid the mistakes listed above, take advantage of our exceptional services and receive great roofing results. Contact us today!

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