Dealing With a Leaking Roof: What Could Be Making Your Roof Leak?


Roofs are essential parts of every building. They don’t just add aesthetic value to the house; they also shield the building’s occupants and the house’s contents from the weather. This means that the reason your TV and cushions are not soaked when it rains is because of your roof.

The essential nature of roofs will help you understand why a leak can be very troublesome. A leaking roof puts everything in your house in danger of destruction. Therefore, it is necessary to know what could be causing your roof to spill water into your home.

Armed with this information, you can protect your building from the threat of a leaking roof. You could also hire a good roof contractor in Greenville to conduct routine maintenance and check for leaking signs.

Top 9 Causes of Roof Leaks

Below we discuss some major causes of roof leaks:

  • Damaged or Missing Roof Tiles or Shingles

Adverse weather conditions such as strong winds or heavy rains can break, shift, or remove your shingles or tiles. Damaged shingles may also be cracked or corroded. Any form of damage at all to your shingles can start a leak. You can visually check for bad shingles or missing tiles to know if there’s a leak. Also, look out for holding nails that may have fallen on the ground.

  • Flashing

Flashing is thin metal parts used in roofing to give water a definite direction. They are usually around chimneys, vents, or any angled area of the roof. Flashing can shift out of its position leading to leakages or cracks. This loose or broken flashing can give way for water to enter the house.

  • Aging 

Roofing materials are all susceptible to wear and tear. As they age, they start letting water into your house. Weakness caused by aging is mainly natural. However, harsh weather conditions can also aid in the deterioration process. Either way, it is advisable to change your roofing before it gets too old and starts leaking.

  • Vents Leaks 

Roof vents regulate heat and moisture in buildings. They help prevent mold from growing inside the house. These vents may crack as time goes on. The cracks and gaps may also be on the gaskets around the vents. Since it’s easy to know where you installed roof vents, you can always look out for any leaks from cracks on them.

  • Roof Holes

Roofs don’t come with holes in them. But falling tree branches or other thick materials such as satellite dishes hitting the rooftop can make holes in them. If heavy equipment hits or gets thrown on your roof, you will undoubtedly hear the sound. So, immediately run out and examine it for any holes made by the fall.

  • Poorly Sealed Valleys

Valleys refer to the areas where two roof planes join. Valleys usually are sloped, so there is increased water flow on them. Therefore, if your roofing technicians did not correctly seal them, water can flow from it into your house causing a leaking roof. The easiest solution is to make sure you use the best roofers in Greenville.

  • Skylight Leaks

Skylights are those small window openings installed to allow natural light into your home. Although they are a great concept, improper installation can cause severe water leakage into your building. The good thing, though, is that this type of leak is easily identifiable.

  • Blocked Gutters

Rain or roof gutters are placed at the roof’s edges to funnel water off the rooftop and away from the building. These gutters can get clogged with debris such as leaves and branches. When this happens, water flow stops, and the water starts pooling in the trenches, thereby increasing the chances of a leaking roof.

  • Poor Maintenance

Ignoring your roof is very dangerous. It would help if you frequently inspect your roof for any signs of leakage as a building owner. You can do an inspection bearing in mind the other causes of a leaking roof we have mentioned above.

Engage the Best Roofing Company in Greenville

The best time to fix a leaking roof is immediately you notice it. This is because a roof leak is usually a symptom of a more severe problem. Waiting for a while may make the leak worse and probably affect more parts of the roof.

In this, Lanier Roofing has got you covered. We undertake roof replacement and maintenance works. We also offer free inspections and estimation of roofing problems. If your roof is leaking, you can call us today to fix or replace it.

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