How to Prepare Your Home and Yard for Roof Replacement


Roof replacement brings with it several long-term benefits. It raises the value of your property and ensures your home, its occupants, and its contents are protected for a long time. If you choose a top Greenville roofer, they will handle most aspects of the project. They will remove the old roof and clean up after they install the new one.

However, to ensure the roof replacement goes smoothly and you’re comfortable with the project, there are a few things you can do. Many homeowners find that taking care of these things minimizes the disruption that comes with renovations even when contractors are careful. In this blog post, we’ll provide some helpful information for preparing your home and yard.

What to Do in Your Home

You may not think you have to do anything inside your home since the workmen will be outside. However, the vibrations associated with roof installation can affect the entire building. This means you need to:

  • Board up your windows until the old roof is completely removed. Falling debris can scratch windows.
  • Remove wall décor. Mirrors, photos and anything else you have hanging on your wall could get knocked off when the roofers begin to hammer. Things on the top floor of the home will be more vulnerable.
  • Take fragile items out of the attic. Because the attic is so close to the roof, things place there could also get damaged.
  • Protect things in your garage if the roofers will be replacing that roof too. If shingle granules drop on a vehicle, you can scratch the paint when you try to wipe them off.
  • Protect any fragile items in your home. Make sure your breakable items aren’t touching the wall or each other since the vibrations can damage them.

What to Do in Your Yard

Old shingles and other debris will fall from your roof into your yard and the roofers will be walking around the area. The roofing contractor should have tarps and a dumpster to collect waste and they should inspect to ensure they collect all the scraps. You should focus on:

  • Moving what you can from the garden. Some things in your garden may be permanent fixture but there are likely others that you can move. These include potted plants, bird feeders, and windchimes. Since these are delicate, protect them by moving them out of the way.
  • Protecting or highlighting plants you can’t move. You won’t want shingles falling on delicate or expensive plants. Mark them with brightly coloured tape or place netting over them so the roofing team knows to be careful around them.
  • Parking your vehicle away from your home. This will ensure that no shingle granules or nails fall on your vehicle and damage it. Also, since the workers are likely to be using your driveway, you may end up blocked in and unable to leave home. You may be tempted to put your car in the garage but since these roofs typically aren’t insulated, debris may fall through. It’s best to park your vehicle on the street.
  • Clearing the patio of furniture and decor. The roofers will need to access your roof from every side of your home. It’s best to ensure everything is free and clear before they arrive so you don’t have to waste time moving things. Also, falling debris can damage your outdoor furniture so it’s best to put these items in the shed.
  • Making the roofers aware of your sprinklesr. If you can’t remove your sprinkler system, mark all the sprinkler heads so the roofers will not trip over them.
  • Cutting the grass. It’ll be easier to find nails and other debris if the grass is short. This will make it easier for workers to clean up and it also prevents you from stepping on something sharp later.
  • Talking to your neighbors. Take the time to alert your direct neighbors about your upcoming project. That way, they’ll know they can expect some noise. If their property is really close to yours, they may also need to move their vehicle or cover their plants as well.

Reach Out to Lanier Roofing to Discuss Your Roof Replacement Project

Roof replacement is a big undertaking and there’s a lot to consider. However, when you hire experts for the job, you can rest more easily. At Lanier Roofing, our Greenville SC contractors will make sure you have all the information you need to protect your home while we work. You’ll get superior workmanship and excellent customer service. Contact us today to ask questions or schedule an inspection.

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