How to Maintain a Cedar Shake Roof Properly


People love cedar shake roofs for many reasons. However, we can all agree that their beauty and longevity make the top of the list. Cedar shakes have been around for centuries as a roofing material. Despite the emergence of new roofing materials, their popularity has not waned. Nevertheless, despite their durability, they can still be quite vulnerable to weather, fungal growth, and time as well. Therefore, it is pretty essential to get a Greenville roofer to maintain your cedar shake roof properly.

Most people with cedar shake roofs in their homes are clueless on how to maintain this historical roofing. They are always wondering why their roof durability is waning. With proper maintenance, your cedar shake roof can last for many decades. To help you along, this article covers the best ways to carry out cedar shake roof maintenance.

4 Essential Ways to Maintain Your Cedar Shake Roof

Below, we list four key ways of maintaining a cedar shake roof.

  • It Begins With Trimming Overhang

Most people think roof maintenance starts with the roof itself. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, as the most crucial step you have to take when maintaining your roof is taking care of the surroundings. This step begins with trimming the trees around your home. This action helps to minimize the likelihood of a branch falling and damaging the cedar shake roof.

Trimming overhanging branches is a great way to maintain a cedar shake roof properly because it decreases the chances of mold growth. When there are overhanging branches, it doesn’t allow the roof to dry quickly and leads to molds. When trimming overhanging branches, a Greenville roofing company will also clear the debris that’s left behind on the roof. This debris is unattractive and also promotes mold growth on your roof. By removing debris, you extend your roof’s longevity.

  • Ensure Proper Protective Treatments

There are varying protective treatments and oil finishes you can utilize to maintain a cedar shake roof. Using protective treatments on your roof helps to prolong it and keep it safe from destructive materials. These protective treatments usually contain chemicals that get rid of algae and fungi on your roof. In addition, some chemicals resist fire and water on your roof to ensure its durability in adverse conditions.

Without applying protective treatments to maintain a cedar shake roof, you will begin to notice a slow degradation of your roof. Homeowner insurance may not cover roof replacement, so ensure that you regularly apply protective treatments on your cedar shake roof. For example, you could make it every year or set it out every three years. However, don’t leave your roof without protective treatment for too long.

  • Carry Out Frequent Inspections With Roofing Contractors in Greenville

When you install a cedar shake roof, you’re assured of durable roofing. However, there are times when it gets damaged or becomes cracked. In such a situation, your home becomes vulnerable to roof leaks, pests, and several dangers. The best way to prevent this and adequately maintain a cedar shake roof is to conduct frequent inspections. Ensure a professional Greenville roofer regularly inspects your roof to identify problems quickly and provides tips on avoiding issues on your roof.

Additionally, you should ensure there’s an inspection whenever an extreme weather event takes place. If you ever experience a windstorm or hail storm, you should call a Greenville, SC, roofing professional to inspect for any vulnerability it caused. To ensure proper maintenance, always replace broken or loose shingles that are discovered.

  • Explore Power Washing

Not many people are aware, but power washing is excellent for maintaining the beauty of your roof. You should get professional help every few years to power wash your roof. Alternatively, you could go for soft washing. Apart from maintaining their color, it also keeps your cedar shake roof strong.

Power washing your roof helps to eliminate materials that could weaken them. These include moss, debris, old wood, and many more. If you want excellent results from your roof, you should ensure you carry out power washing on your cedar shingles every few years.

Call a Greenville Roofer for Maintenance of Your Cedar Shake Roof

The best part about maintaining your roof is that all the maintenance discussed here doesn’t have to take place every year. You don’t need to indulge in them every time for effective results. Maintaining your cedar shake roof can sound stressful, but it ensures durability while increasing its curb appeal.

If you want to keep a cedar shake roof properly, you should call a Greenville roof repair professional to make it happen. If you also require repairs or you want to install new roofing in your home, contact Lanier Roofing today to make it happen.

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