Are Solar Panels Good for My Roof?


As the push for more efficient sources of energy and climate discussions have grown, more people are open to the idea of solar energy. A Solar Energies Industries Association (SEIA) report shows that over 2 million homes in the US have installed solar panels.

The SEIA also projects that the solar industry will continue to break annual installation records every year for the next three years. This shows how popular the idea of using solar power has become in the United States. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before it becomes a dominant power source for Americans.

With it being certain that most people would opt for solar panels in the future, you may wonder if installing solar panels would affect your roof. For many people, this is a result of wanting to confirm that it does not invalidate their roof warranty. Whatever questions you may have, our Greenville roofers try to answer them in this article.

Are Solar Panels Bad for Your Rooftop?

If one properly, solar panels can be extremely valuable to your home. Not only does it provide you with power enabling you to not depend on the energy grid, but it also increases the value of your home. With its low maintenance costs and the potential to get some reward from the government, it is easy to see why solar is a no-brainer for many people.

However, the question remains whether or not solar is bad for your roof. Solar panels are not intrinsically bad for your rooftop. The potential for solar panels to be bad for your roof comes from the method of installation. Conventional solar panel installation involves fastening the boards to your roof using bolts or nails. These nails are driven into the roof and could create holes in your roof.

These holes are particularly harmful as they give way to leaks and could often void your roof warranty. Thus, to avoid harming your rooftop and voiding your warranty, it is suggested that you use a non-ruinous method of installation. In addition, get a Greenville roofing company to accompany the technician installing the solar panels. The roofer will ensure the technician doesn’t do anything to damage your roof.

How Solar Panels Protect Your Roof

In addition to providing you with power from the sun’s energy, solar panels can also protect your roof. Having solar panels on your roof means weather elements such as rain and wind do not hit your roof directly. Consequently, this helps to preserve your roof.

Do Solar Panels Void Your Rooftop Warranty?

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Therefore, any damage to it could have major consequences. As such, it is normal and logical if you are worried that installing solar panels could void your warranty.

Rooftop warranties come in three forms. The first is the manufacturer’s warranty. This is issued by the manufacturer and typically lasts for ten t0 thirty years. It covers defects of the roofing material only if it is a manufacturing defect.

The other type of warranty is the manufacturer’s system warranty. The manufacturer also gives this, but it covers a wider range of problems than the manufacturer’s warranty. Our roofers in Greenville, SC, recommend checking your roof system warranty to ensure that the terms are favorable to you. Since it is drawn up by the manufacturer’s lawyers, its conditions are set up to be favorable to the manufacturer.

The other type of roof warranty is issued by the roofing contractor installing the roof. This is called the contractor’s workmanship warranty. These warranties are usually short and often last for less than five years. However, they cover defective materials and defective workmanship. Check the terms included before signing to understand what it covers.

Now, to answer whether solar panel installation voids your warranty, the answer is no. However, you cannot rely on the warranty if the installation creates a problem that isn’t covered by any of the three warranties discussed. For example, if the installation creates a hole that causes leakage, you cannot use the manufacturer’s warranty to get a replacement or fix the damage.

Use Lanier Roofing’s Professional Services 

Having understood how solar panel installations could affect your roof, using the services of Lanier Roofing is a smart decision. While we agree that solar panels will benefit you, you need to know whether your roof can handle them. Our Greenville, SC, roofing contractors will inspect your roof to determine its suitability. Should the installation damage your roof in any way, we offer excellent maintenance services. Contact us today to get a free quote.

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