Four Ways To Ensure That Your Roof Survives Winter


Winter is upon us, and the surrounding temperature is considerably less than the human body temperature. As a result, heat flows from the body to the environment because of the temperature difference. Consequently, we feel cold.

The winter cold keeps people indoors and wrapped in warm clothes. But, unfortunately, the need to stay warm always makes people neglect their roofs. As we’ve seen during our years serving Greenville residents as roofing contractors, maintaining your roof during winter helps you insulate your home.

In addition, roof maintenance during these cold months means avoiding damage and costly repairs. So you must take proactive steps to safeguard your rooftop during winter. In this article, our Greenville roofers discuss ways you can keep your roof in tip-top shape during winter. However, if your roof develops a problem, contact Lanier Roofing immediately.

Maintaining Your Roof During Winter

In Greenville, South Carolina, Winter starts in December and ends in February. During these months, the average temperature can be as low as 34°F and as high as 57°F. So, staying warm is paramount, and as mentioned earlier, your roof plays a vital role in this.

Now, how do you maintain your roof during winter? We share four ways of doing this below.

  • Clear Out the Snow ASAP

Snow on the rooftop of a house is only beautiful in postcards. Unfortunately, the beautiful way it looks makes homeowners leave them for a while. While snow on the roof may be picture-perfect, it will wreak havoc on your roof if you leave it there for so long. This is because the ice from snow creates a heavyweight on your rooftop.

For this reason, if precipitation stays on your roof for too long, it can melt and form an ice dam. While water on the rooftop is not a problem, it becomes a severe issue when it refreezes. When the temperature drops below freezing overnight, the melted ice hardens again. This, in turn, creates a dam around your gutters, preventing runoff precipitation.

Consequently, it can loosen your shingles, and at worse, create a leakage. To prevent this from happening, remove all ice and snow from your rooftop as soon as possible. Aim to keep it dry longer during winter, and if any maintenance issue comes up, contact roofers in Greenville.

  • Repair Roof Flashing

Before and during winter, it is advisable to check your roof’s existing flashing. Roof flashing is a small metal material designed to keep water away from certain areas like the chimney, gutter, and valley. If your roof flashing is faulty, you need to get a roofing company to take a look at it as soon as possible.

If you leave faulty flashing unfixed, snow and other icy precipitation can quickly get into your roof. If the moisture builds up over time, you may suffer an internal leak. While inspecting or repairing your roof flashing, also check the shingles for a chip or peel. Ensure you don’t repair or replace flashing and shingles yourself during winter. Rooftops are slippery during this time, so get professionals to handle them.

  • Inspect Your Roof Gutters

A roof gutter is a pipe or trough along the edge of a roof that carries rainwater away from a building. It is one of the first places for freezing precipitation to accumulate. As such, you must check your roof regularly for any signs of ice dams. A good rule of thumb is checking if icicles are hanging off the top. If they are, you’re looking at a buildup.

If you leave your gutter filled with ice, it may become weakened and unable to hold the weight of the ice. Consequently, the gutter may tear away from your building, creating significant structural damage. The latter means a considerable repair bill. Thus, keep your gutters clean and working correctly always.

  • Inspect Your Attic

Most people do not realize that their roof performance is linked to their attic. If your attic is poorly ventilated, it will expose your roof to more weather elements, allowing problems like an ice dam to form. Thus, inspect your attic and ensure it has sufficient insulation. If the airflow is consistent, your roof will be protected.

Contact the Best Greenville Roofing Contractors for Your Roofing Maintenance Needs

Even if you failed to carry out roofing maintenance before winter started, you can still do so. Our Greenville roofing company offers roofing repair and restoration services all year round, so you can call us once you notice a problem with your roof. Contact us today to get a quote from Lanier Roofing.

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