The Importance of Commercial Certification in Commercial Roofing


In the commercial roofing industry, a commercial certification is vital to identify a reliable and efficient company to handle your roofing. The accreditation shows that contractors in Greenville SC, like Lanier Roofing, can install different roofing materials and render related services.

What Is Commercial Certification?

A commercial certification is a license that allows the roofer to take on commercial roofing projects. Anyone with roofing experience can take courses or enroll in an apprenticeship program to get the certificate.

Most apprenticeship programs get completed within three to five years. Within that time, the apprentice would learn how to choose proper roofing materials, material quality management, roofing diagnostics, and how to enhance roofing installation skills.

Why Hire a Certified Commercial Roofer?

What separates a certified Greenville roofer and a non-certified one is the wealth of information the former can access. These include information on:

  • Public liability and indemnity insurance
  • Work cover
  • Safety equipment and procedures

Each of the above protects the roofer and person acquiring the services from legal, medical, and financial consequences. It would also mean you get a skillset that would provide comprehensive and lasting benefits and protection for your roof. Additionally, continuous training is required for a certified commercial roofer, meaning the person has updated information.

Reasons to Hire a Roofer with Commercial Certification

Hiring a roofer with a commercial certification means the following:

  • They Use Only Quality Products

Hiring certified Greenville roofers provide the presumption that they would use quality products during installation. There’s a guarantee that the roofers will not use second-rate materials that would become defective within a short time. They will also have the required skills for different roofing materials.

  • The Contractor Knows What to Do 

The wealth of information and experience certified roofers have means that they know what to do when a problem arises. Roofing installation and repair are quite pricey; thus, it is vital to hire someone who knows what they are doing.

  • The Contractor Would Have the Relevant Insurance and State License 

Having insurance and a state license is crucial for roofing contractors in Greenville, SC. The license shows that the contractor is certified to work on commercial roofing and not residential. At the same time, the insurance offers the guarantee that you won’t be held liable for any on-site accident.

  • They Help With Consistent Installation and Repair Work 

Having a certified commercial roof contractor in Greenville, SC, carry out your installation means that you get to use them for subsequent jobs and carry out repairs when needed, instead of looking for a new company.

  • They Offer Exclusive Warranty Eligibility 

Another reason to hire a certified commercial roofing contractor is to get exclusive eligibility for warranties unavailable to non-commercial contractors. Some manufacturers offer warranties that cover materials and workmanship so that if a contractor goes out of business, you can still have a valid warranty. An uncertified contractor provides little or no security for their services and may void any manufacturer’s benefit.

  • You Have Access to a Variety of Services

When working with a commercial roofing contractor, it is vital to get one with multiple certifications. The latter means you will get access to various services and assures you that the contractor can perform different tasks. Whether it is TPO repairs or emergency servicing of flat or shingled roofs, a certification would let you know if the person you are hiring can get the job done.

What to Watch Out for When Hiring a Certified Roofing Contractor

When hiring a certified commercial roofing contractor, check to ensure that they have the relevant knowledge about:

  • Asbestos: Even if a contractor is not performing an asbestos removal job, they should have the required knowledge on asbestos. The experience should also cover identification and installation.
  • Insulation: Roof insulation is quite useful, but if the contractor does not install it correctly, it won’t work. Your certified contractor must know the insulation that works for your building and install it according to the governing law.
  • The Right Roof: Knowing the right roof for a commercial building distinct from a residential one is vital for a contractor. Thus, a certified commercial contractor must advise you on this and the appropriate roof for the climate and temperature of the building location.

Hire the Best by Contacting Certified Lanier Roofing Contractors

It is safer, more practical, and cost-effective to hire a certified commercial roofing contractor for commercial buildings. At Lanier Roofing, you get credibility, your money’s worth, and services you can fall back on when issues arise. Get in touch with us today, and gain access to the best Greenville roofing.

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