Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Minor Roof Damage


Roof repairs can be an expensive, time-consuming undertaking. So much so that homeowners often try to put them off for as long as they possibly can. While this may seem like a way to save money while minimizing disruption in your home, it’s not a good idea. Small issues often go on to become major problems and they can be even more expensive to fix.

At Lanier Roofing, our Greenville roofing experts have lots of experience with homes in South Carolina so we know how quickly minor roof damage can worsen. Even if a problem with your roof seems insignificant, you should have it checked by a professional. In this blog post, we’ll share some of the reasons why you should fix signs of damage immediately.

The Roof Plays an Extremely Important Role in Your Home

Your home’s roof is vital. It protects you, your family, and your possessions from the elements. In addition, it helps to ensure the structure of the house doesn’t get damaged by moisture, mold or dirt. The only way the roof can do this effectively is if it’s in good condition.

It Costs More to Replace Your Roof Than to Repair It

Homeowners often ignore missing shingles or minor leaks because they think professional roofers will charge too much. However, when the small leak becomes a much larger hole or several leaks develop, you’ll have to spend a lot more. Not only could your roof be beyond repair, but you may have to replace some of your possessions after they get damaged. Replacing your entire roof will always cost more.

Your Roof is a Complex System

To the untrained eye, a roof may seem simple. However, it’s actually carefully designed to get rid of excess water, keep pests out, and reduce energy wastage. If you don’t give your roof the attention it deserves, you could have to deal with moisture and drainage problems. Birds may also take up residence in your eaves. All these issues will force you to spend more on repairs.

Roofing Problems Can Reduce Your Home’s Resale Value

Your roof plays a big role in your home’s curb appeal. If you plan to sell and you want the sale completed quickly, you’ll need to fix the roof. If prospective homeowners know there’s a roof problem, they may believe the house has other costly damage.

You Won’t Have to Pay for Inspections and Estimates

Instead of attempting to assess the severity of the damage on your own, you should call experienced roofing contractors in Greenville, SC. You won’t have to pay to get a company like Lanier Roofing to send someone out to your home. We provide free inspections and estimates at no obligation to you. If the roof damage is very minor and can safely be left alone for now, we’ll tell you. However, if it’s imperative that you fix the problem, we’ll tell you what needs to be done and provide you with a quotation. This means there’s no reason to see an issue with your roof and just ignore it.

You Don’t Want to Be Unprepared if a Storm Comes

South Carolina is one of the states that are vulnerable to storms and hurricanes. Sometimes, these weather systems come at short notice and there may not be enough to get a professional to come out. Therefore, you need to be prepared before a named storm is approaching. If there’s already damage to your roof, your home will be more vulnerable during inclement weather. There’s not much you can do to completely avoid damage during a bad storm or hurricane. However, ensuring your roof is in excellent condition ahead of time can help to keep the damage to a minimum.

Contact Lanier Roofing Today to Discuss Your Roofing Needs

As soon as you notice that something may be going wrong with your roof, reach out to the Greenville, SC contractors at Lanier Roofing. When you hire us, you don’t only get a single service. You also benefit from several years of experience. We’ll tell you what’s wrong with the roof, discuss how we’ll fix it, and tell you how you can prevent it from happening again. Our roofers use high-quality materials and we’re known for our excellent workmanship. Your roof is too important to hire amateurs to do the job or let problems go unaddressed. Call us today to schedule an inspection and get a free estimate.

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