Why Is Roof Safety Important in Greenville, SC?


Roofing is a very daunting, scary, and risky task. Roofers in Greenville, SC, are at high risk of sustaining slip and fall injuries due to their jobs’ nature. Not only can Greenville roofers suffer personal injury at their jobs, but they can also damage your buildings in an accident too. Sometimes, roof accidents become fatal and lead to the death of the roofer.

Fortunately, roof accidents are avoidable and only require proper roof safety measures to avoid. Roof safety refers to the preventive measures roofers take to prevent accidents on the job. It helps to identify roof hazards and proffers best practices to help curtail accident risks.

One of the most important roof safety rules is not letting an inexperienced roofer on your roof. So, be sure to check that any roofer you hire in Greenville is qualified and certified. Next, check that the Greenville roofing company you hire prioritizes roof safety as they carry on their tasks. Finally, you’d see why doing all that is necessary for this article.

What Are the Most Common Dangers Greenville Roofers Face?

The following are common hazards roofing contractors in Greenville should watch out for when working:

  • Slippery Roofs and Improperly Placed Ladders

Roofs can become slippery when it rains, and working on such surfaces makes it easy to trip and fall. Placing ladders on slippery ground or improperly can also increase the risk of slips.

  • Extreme Temperatures 

Some roofers work long hours in extreme heat. As such, they can quickly become dehydrated or suffer heatstroke.

  • Power Tools and Electrical Hazards

Roofers must avoid working with faulty electrical appliances to avoid shock, electrocution, fires, and burns. They must also ensure that they appropriately handle all electrical appliances.

  • Trees, Ductwork, and Vents 

Vents, ductworks, trees, and other objects can obstruct the roofers’ views as they work. So Greenville roofers must be mindful of those.

Why Must Greenville, SC, Contractors Prioritize Roof Safety Measures?

Roofing contractors and homeowners must prioritize roof safety for the following reasons:

  • Reduced Risk of Accidents 

Many roof accidents are avoidable when the proper precautionary safety measures are in place. The more roofers pay attention to safety measures, the less prone they are to slips and falls.

  • It Saves Time and Energy

First, roof safety measures indirectly ensure an unencumbered and comfortable space for roofers to work.  This makes them do their jobs much faster and with ease. But, again, a lot of time gets wasted when accidents prevent roofers from completing their jobs.

  • Prevents Damage to Your Buildings  

Apart from personal injuries, your building may become affected when an accident happens on your roof. Roofing accidents can cause severe structural damage that would have been avoided if roofers worked safely.

  • It Saves Costs

When a roofing accident destroys a part of your structure, you’d have to fix them as soon as possible. As such, you’d incur more expenses than you would have if you worked with safety-oriented roofing contractors.

Best Practices for Roof Safety  

Roofers can employ these safety measures to avoid mishaps while working on a roof:

  • Avoid working under extreme climatic conditions. That is, under the scorching sun, rainy, or snowy temperatures. However, roofers and clients can try to plan roofing jobs around the weather.
  • Properly securing ladders in the ground. Roofers can make use of stabilizers to ensure that the ladders are stable.
  • Make use of visible signage. Proper signage helps inform people around to keep off specific dangerous construction sites. Signages also ensure that roofers don’t trip over skylights. In addition, homeowners can help by keeping their kids off the constitution site.
  • Make use of guard rails. Guard rails prevent roofers from falling off as they work.
  • Wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE). These include footwear with traction, helmets, gloves, safety glasses, etc.
  • Work only on clean surfaces and clear off the debris and all encumbrances before working on the roof. Roofers must also clean up as they work and after every completed task.

We Set the Standard for Roof Safety in Greenville, SC!

Regardless of the type of roofing job you need, roof safety always comes first. As such, you must only work with roofing companies that share your concerns about roof safety. Our Greenville roofers have all the resources we need to ensure a safe working environment while working on your roofs.

At Lanier Roofing, our detail-orientedness, tactfulness, and heedfulness are next to none. So give us a call today and schedule an appointment to discuss all your roofing concerns. Your safety and satisfaction are always our end goals.

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