Steps To Take When Filing an Insurance Claim for Your Roof


Most people never think about what role a roof plays in an insurance claim, sadly. Having a roof over one’s head is a popular saying used to express having a place to take shelter after a long day spent working to make daily bread. So, it’s no wonder that a roof is a crucial part of a home. It protects you against weather elements while providing a sense of security. Therefore, taking care of this housing cover is vital.

However, no matter how much you care for your roof, it might still get damaged either in a storm or from old age. You may have to speak with your homeowner’s insurance coverage provider if this happens. Unfortunately, the process of an insurance claim is often tedious, and if not done rightly, you might not get paid.

To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, our experienced Greenville roofers put together steps to take when filing an insurance claim for your roof. For the best roofing services in Greenville, South Carolina, contact Lanier Roofing & Restoration.

What Steps Should You Take When Filing an Insurance Claim for Your Roof? 

Suppose a hail storm damaged your roof; you’ll need to fix or replace it as soon as possible. To ensure this happens in record time, you should take the steps discussed below.

Assess the Damage

Before making an insurance claim, the first thing you must do is assess the extent of the damage. To do this, climb to the rooftop to see the damaged parts and the size. If you cannot go to the roof due to acrophobia or a physical limitation, you should hire a roofing company in Greenville, SC, to come and assess the damage.

The company will carry out a detailed examination of the damaged parts of your roof. Then, they’ll let you know if you need only to replace the damaged part or overhaul the whole rooftop. In addition, they’ll give you an estimate on the cost of repairing versus the cost of replacing.

Document the Damage 

Your insurance company will not take your word and pay you the compensation needed to fix your roof. Before they start processing your claim, you must present irrefutable proof that your roof got damaged and needs fixing or replacement. Thus, you have to document the damage to your roof.

After inspecting the rooftop, take photos of the damaged areas. Ensure you use a high-resolution camera that captures what you may be unable to explain in words. If you hired a Greenville roofing company to assess the roof damage, get them to take the picture for you.

Next, fill out a detailed report of what got damaged and what you need to fix it. Include the date of the incident that caused the roof damage and any interior damage as well. If you have photos of the roof from before the destruction, also send them to the insurer.

Find Out What Your Insurance Covers

Insurance companies deny homeowner’s insurance claims because they are often for damages outside the owner’s coverage. For example, if your insurance is for wind damage, you can’t file a claim for a fire. Similarly, the insurer won’t pay you if your roof got damaged due to old age, and the insurance policy didn’t cover it. Hence, ensure you find out what your insurance covers before filing a claim.

Find a Roofing Company

If you didn’t contact any roofer in Greenville while assessing your roof’s damaged parts, now is the time to do so. But, if you did, you have to go back to them to get the exact cost of repairs or replacement. Here, they’ll inform you about the type of roof to get, the cost of roofing materials, the days it would take to repair the roof and their service fees.

Contact Your Insurer

Once you’ve determined what your insurance policy covers and you’ve spoken with a Greenville roofing company, the next step is contacting your insurer. Ask your insurance agent how to file a claim and follow the process judiciously. Notably, you must commence the claim within the period stated in the policy.

If you do not, it might lead to the insurer delaying or denying the entire claim. When filling the claim form, add the damage to interiors and the cost of replacing the damaged items. If your policy allows it, you might add the cost of staying in a hotel while your roof gets fixed.

Let Our Expert Roofing Contractors in Greenville, SC, Help You!

At Lanier Roofing & Restoration, we understand the importance of having a roof over your head. So, once your insurance company approves your claim, our roofing experts will work tirelessly to fix or replace your damaged roof within record time. Contact us today to get a cost estimate.

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