Top Ten Roof Problems


Roof problems are far more common than you’d think. Having a roof over your head is a privilege most people take for granted. The roof is a part of the house that is essential, as it provides shelter for those who dwell in the building. However, care for the roof is one duty many homeowners tend to neglect.

When a roof is not properly installed, maintained, or replaced at the necessary time, several problems could happen to the roof. This article will be addressing ten problems that affect roofs.

What Are the Top Roof Problems?

Roof problems are inevitable. However, how you handle these problems determines how long your roof would last. You should note that if you do not address these problems soon enough, it would cause even bigger problems and attract more costs to you.

Below are ten top roof problems:

  • Leaks

As soon as you notice a leak in your roof, it is advisable to fix it. This is because if you neglect a leaky roof, it can cause a ton of damage to your house or building. You can contact a professional roofer in Greenville, SC, to help with the leaks in your roof.

  • Broken Gutters

Gutters guide rainwater or melted snow off the roof. That is, gutters ensure there is no collection of water on the roof. If your gutters happen to break and delay fixing them, they could lead to pooling water, rot, etc.

  • Broken or Missing Shingles

Roof shingles are a type of roof covering that the roofer lays in an overlapping style. These shingles are durable and stylish. However, when your roof has broken or missing shingles, it could pose a problem. Weather conditions like heavy rains, winds, or even hail storms could damage or misplace roof shingles. Missing or broken shingles could cause leaks.

  • Moss

Moss comes from frequent exposure to water or moisture, cool weather, and having faulty gutters. To eliminate moss, you can make a solution of 50% liquid chlorine bleach and 50% water. After mixing them, you then spray the mixture on your roof, and after 20-30 minutes, you should rinse it off with water.

  • Pooling or Ponding Water

Issues such as the buildup of debris or improper draining of HVAC units can cause water to pool on your roof. Also, gutter problems could cause pooling or ponding water on the roof. Ponding water speeds up the deterioration of roofing materials and areas. This, therefore, reduces the life expectancy of the roof.

  • Blistering or Shrinkage

Blistering in roofs occurs because there is poor ventilation in your attic. If you want to avoid this problem, your roof needs adequate ventilation; an expert Greenville roofer can help you. The roof membrane is prone to shrink, which would in turn cause cracks in the roof’s upper layer.

  • Critter Infestation

Animals such as squirrels, birds, rats, and other small animals, could become nuisances to your roof. For instance, a bird building its nest in your gutter would obstruct the free flow of water off the roof. They could also bite through some of the roofing materials causing more damages to the roof. It is best to evict these critters as quickly as possible.

  • Moisture Retention

Most times, moisture retention in roofs could be because there are leaks in the roof. If you leave moisture in your roof, it can worsen and cause such hazards as mold and mildew. Also, moisture retention can lead to rot of the roof materials. Deeper problems such as being a threat to the house’s walls and structure can also come from moisture retention.

  • Curling Shingles

If you notice that your roof’s shingles have turned up edges, and the center part of the shingle looks like it is sinking, then your roof has a problem known as curling shingles. Curling shingles could result from poor insulation, lack of proper ventilation, and faulty roof installation.

  • Damaged Flashing

Flashing in roofs are useful because they direct or guide water away from vital areas in the roof such as vents, skylights, or chimneys. When the roof flashing is damaged or not properly installed initially, it could cause several problems. For example, it would expose shingles to water, and those critical roof areas would become vulnerable to damage.

Lanier Roofing Can Help With All Roofing Problems

If you notice any of these problems on your roof, you need the services of a roofing company. Lanier Roofing provides the best roof maintenance and repair in Greenville, SC. If you feel you need a roof replacement, hiring skilled Greenville roofers from Lanier Roofing is your best choice.

We work with commercial and residential roofing. So, if you have an issue with your roof, you should contact us today. With us, you can be sure of 100% customer satisfaction.

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