Is Roofing a Dangerous Job?


Roofing could be pretty dangerous if you’re not prepared. One question Greenville roofing contractors get is whether building owners can fix their roofing problems. Many homeowners are willing to handle their roofing repairs and replacement. Sometimes, this increasing thought of DIYs is to escape paying roofing contractors. Unfortunately, these building owners don’t usually consider the danger of the roofing profession.

So, suppose you want to fix your roofing problems yourself. First, it would be best to learn about the dangers you’ll face. However, you don’t have to endanger yourself this way. Instead, you can hire the best Greenville roofing contractors for your roofing problems. We handle both roofing inspections, repairs, and replacement.

Is Roofing a Dangerous Job? 

Yes, roofers are some of the most endangered professionals alive. Indeed, the construction industry has a high fatality rate. However, roofers rank very high on this rating. Roofing currently has the fifth-highest work-related deaths in the construction industry. This is because the roofing sector records about 29.9 deaths per 100,000 full-time workers. Furthermore, this figure is twice the fatality rate of the entire construction industry.

Causes of Roofing Deaths

Several factors are responsible for these roofing deaths. So, we will explain some of them below.


Between 1982 and 2015, 42% of construction fatalities were because of falls. Unfortunately, about 67% of deaths from roofing falls occurred in small construction establishments. Here, a small establishment is anyone with 1-9 employees. Many of these deaths were indeed preventable. This is because a significant number of the roofers didn’t have a personal fall arrest system (PFAS).

The PFAS is designed to protect roofers in case of falls. Other safety protection equipment can save roofers from falls. An example is guard rail systems. Notably, too, the majority of the falls are from roof edges. Furthermore, falls occur from:

  • Ladders
  • Skylights
  • Roof openings
  • Roof surfaces
  • Scaffolds

It’s noteworthy that if you’re afraid of heights, climbing your roof is a terrible idea.

Falling Objects

Roofing jobs often involve several materials flying around. These include shingles, nails, and debris on the roof. Therefore, these flying materials can hit roofing contractors. Depending on the impact of such an object, it can cause severe injuries or death. Furthermore, improperly securing roofing equipment can cause roofing accidents.

These materials include:

  • Construction materials
  • Scaffolding
  • Bricks
  • Mortar
  • New shingles
  • Other roofing equipment

These items can also fall and injure roofers or even homeowners. Therefore, it’ll be best to leave your home during roofing jobs.

Roofing Tools

Roofers, like the armed forces, work with inherently dangerous tools. These include:

  • Nails
  • Nail guns
  • Hoists
  • Electric drills
  • Various types of saws
  • Roof cutters

This harmful equipment can hurt roofers while working. For example, a roofer can mistakenly pierce their hands with nails. Furthermore, cutting their hands with saws isn’t impossible. This means that roofers are at risk of severe injuries, amputations, and death from their tools.

Heat Exposure

Roofers work during extremely high temperatures. Furthermore, roof experts have to work under these weathers for extended periods. Yet again, the higher the roof, the closer the roofers are to the elements. This means that roofers will often suffer dehydration and other heat-related illnesses.


Finally, electrocution can also hurt or kill roofing contractors. An example would be when the roofer’s ladder comes in contact with power lines. Now, imagine that this is an electrical ladder. In such an instance, the roofer can be electrocuted. They could also fall from the ladder while trying to escape electrocution. However, both cases can result in devastating injuries or death.

DIY Roofing vs. Professional Roofing

Now you know the risks of roofing. The next question should be whether or not you’d hire roofing professionals or handle your roofing problems. Indeed, many factors should inform this decision. However, your primary consideration should be your safety. It’s noteworthy that roofers in Greenville are called when building roofs are in terrible conditions.

When there are roof leaks or missing shingles, the roof is already dangerous. Climbing such roofs without necessary training increases the danger. Moreover, since roofing industry injury and death statistics are high amongst professionals, non-roofing experts are thus at greater risk. Therefore, it’ll be best to allow roofing professionals to handle your roof.

Let Our Greenville Roofers Help You!

Is your roof having problems? Do you think it’s due for a change? It could also be that you only need some roof repairs. Whatever the case, it’ll be best to call the best Greenville roofing contractors. At Lanier Roofing, we provide solutions to most roofing problems. So, if you contact us today, you can rest assured that we’ll fix your roof. In addition, we take active steps to protect our contractors. Hence, you don’t have to worry about any roofing mishaps on your property.

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