Should My Greenville Roofer Be Licensed?


Greenville roofing jobs often have significant financial implications. So, homeowners have to spend a lot of money on various things. These would include buying materials and paying roofing contractors in Greenville. Consequently, homeowners constantly seek ways to escape these financial responsibilities.

One such escape method could be hiring unlicensed roofers at cheaper rates. However, hiring an unlicensed roofer is a terrible decision for any building owner; it’s fraught with several disadvantages. Therefore, it’s best to investigate a roofer’s license before signing a contract. Suppose you need medical attention; would you allow an unlicensed doctor to treat you?

Indeed, you wouldn’t, so why would you treat your roof any different. Your building’s roof is also crucial to your house’s overall wellbeing. It’s thus best to allow only professionals to handle your roof.

Does South Carolina Require Roofing Company Registration?

Various American states have licensing requirements for roofing companies. However, South Carolina law uses “registration” rather than “licensing.” So, yes, roofers must register to operate within South Carolina. Furthermore, the law categorizes roofers as Residential Specialty Contractors.

The roofer must register with the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation. In addition, the roofing contractor would also submit references and a surety bond. Therefore, it’ll be best to choose Greenville, SC, roofers that have registered their business.

Disadvantages of Hiring Unlicensed Roofers

Hiring unregistered roofers is a dangerous action. It could have many consequences for your roof and finances. Below, we explain some of the dangers of using unregistered Greenville roofers.


Any qualified roofer wouldn’t have issues with licensing. The licensing process generally cannot involve tests beyond a roofer’s capacity. Therefore, only untrustworthy contractors would skip this process. So, hiring such an unlicensed roofer may mean dealing with incompetence.

The contractor will most likely not give their best to your roof job. They could, for example, worsen the condition of an already bad roof. Furthermore, they may avoid responsibility if anything goes wrong. Notably, too, there’s the threat of fraud from unlicensed agencies.

Lack of Insurance

Lack of license often equals lack of insurance. This is because insurance is a formal process. Furthermore, insurers usually vet their clients. So, insurance companies would demand licensing documents to grant insurance. Since such roofers have no license, they cannot get insurance.

Notably, legitimate roofers should have insurance for:

  • Your roofing job
  • Their employees
  • Their company
  • Company equipment and vehicles

The absence of insurance is sufficient reason to ditch a roofer. This is because you’ll be responsible for any damages the roofers cause while working. Therefore, you must investigate a Greenville roofer’s insurance coverage too. In addition, you should check that they’re up to date on paying premiums.

Absence of Certification

Certification looks just like licensing. However, it’s usually roofing material manufacturers that certify roofing contractors. This certification means that the roofer can properly install that company’s roofing materials. Furthermore, such certification can mean that you get the manufacturer’s warranty on the building products.

Suppose a roofer doesn’t have compulsory government licensing. What are the odds that they’ll even consider a manufacturer’s certification? Consequently, hiring an unlicensed roofer may mean hiring one who’s inexperienced with certain roofing products. So, if they make any mistakes, you’ll most likely bear the losses too.

Liability for Unpaid Bills

There’s no end to the unethical activities an unlicensed roof contractor can engage in. It’s thus not impossible for such roofers to owe their workers. These workers could include subcontractors and suppliers. For example, suppliers often release roofing materials on credit.

When the roofer completes the job, they can pay the bills. If the contractor leaves without paying, you may have to foot these bills. Subcontractors may also hold you liable for their unpaid wages. So, it’s best to use only licensed roofers with solid financial integrity.

Let Lanier Roofing Fix Your Roofing Problems

Is your roof leaking or having any other issues? For example, are your shingles falling out of place? If so, you need to hire the best Greenville roofing contractors. Such roofers can conduct a roof inspection to determine the issue. Then, they’d either repair or replace your roof. Fortunately, Lanier Roofing is just the company you need.

We are a roofing and restoration company in Greenville, SC. Furthermore, we have over 100 combined years of experience dealing with roofing matters. We’re fully licensed to operate in South Carolina. In addition, Lanier Roofing has certifications from four major shingle manufacturers.

These include IKO Roofing, Atlas, Certainteed, and Owens Corning. We’re also fully insured and work with insurance companies while fixing roofs. Therefore, it’ll be best to call us about that roofing problem today.

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