Roofing Contractors in Greenville: Ice Dams and Roof Damage


Winters come with so much beauty, and icicles are one of this season’s splendors. But little do we ponder its adverse outcomes, including the potential to develop icicles into ice dams, damaging our rooftops. Nonetheless, just like other winter hazards, roofing contractors in Greenville also have a solution to this problem. As reported by Fox Carolina, although the last threatening snowfall in Greenville was over a century ago, yet, there are times when snow exclusively covers the entirety of Greenville. Hence, it is vital for the people of Greenville to be mindful of all the latent dangers of ice dams on their roofs and remain cautious when winters begin.

But before we know the dangers of ice dams, we need to know what they are and what causes them.

Greenville Roofing – Defining Ice Dams:

Simply speaking, ice dams are the lumps of ice on the sloped roof space, particularly of heated buildings. These lumps of ice can substantially damage your homes. As a matter of fact, if left untreated, can cause loosening of shingles, tearing off gutters, and may source water to gridlock those shingles, thereby sinking into the house.

Melting snow that does not drain off properly makes its way under the roof covering and travels into the attic. This muddy water further passes to the ceiling, insulation, and walls from the attic, causing the paint to peel off, ceilings to sag, and floors to warp. Besides, considerable snow and rain may also give mildew and mold due to extreme moisture. Nevertheless, several roofing contractors in Greenville help the city’s residents take care of the problem sensibly.

Cause of Ice Dams:

Ice dams are formed when heating from the buildings upsurge, rising through the ceiling and travelling into the attic. It ultimately warms up the uppermost surface of the building. When it happens, the ice at the top of the heated area begins to melt and travels down to the region where there is no heat and eventually freezes again.

When Do We Know There’s an Ice Dam?

When you observe the gutters weighing, heaps of snow; piled up, and leaks in the attic, you should understand it is the consequence of an ice dam over your roof. Although prevention is better than cure, there are some steps that you can take in order to alleviate the problem if it has already taken place. These areas followings:

Bringing a Box Fan:

To mitigate the ice dam problem, one approach is to bring the box fan to your attic, pointing it underneath the roof where you see the water leaking inside. The cold air from the box fan will help stop the water coming in by freezing it and averting any further water damage, mildew and mold.

Using a Roof Rake:

One may also utilize a roof rake (an elongated rake that comes with wheels) to pull off the snow from the rooftop as you stand on the ground, unharmed.

Fill up the Pantyhose:

A person may also try a DIY tactic to moderate the issue, which comprises filling up the pantyhose paired with an ice melt and setting it on the roof’s surface. However, it is to ensure that the pantyhose is traversing the ice dam and swinging on the gutter. This technique will create a path for the water to pass down the rooftop.

Do Not Use a Shovel or Chisel, Ever:

While you may apply the techniques mentioned earlier, you should be mindful of using a shovel or chisel. Never try to chop off the snow using these two gadgets. The reason is that using these acquire a ladder and standing on a ladder in the snowy weather is a dangerous idea that can harm you and spoil your rooftop.

What Could be the Long-lasting Solutions to Tackle this Issue? Explained by Greenville, SC Contractors:

While the practices mentioned above will help roofing contractors in Greenville mitigate the problem and effectively get rid of the problem, there are some long-lasting solutions. These include:

  1. Adding an adequate amount of insulation to your attic
  2. Ventilation of ridge and eaves
  3. Sealing and insulating the ducts
  4. Exhaust through outside not a soffit
  5. Ensure to cover the attic hatch
  6. Adding or repairing flash around the chimneys

Numerous roofing contractors in Greenville provide extensive consultation regarding the best possible means for preventing your roofs from ice dams as per your need.

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