Roofing Contractor: Questions to Ask When Hiring One


Roofs are very crucial parts of every building. So, you must treat them carefully so that they last long and protect your house. Although, no matter how careful you are, your roof will still need routine repairs. This is because external factors can yet damage your roof. Even if you don’t need to repair your roof, calling a Greenville roofing contractor is still necessary.

Routine inspections can help you escape extensive roof damage. This way, you save up on cost and time. However, since your roof will need expert care at some point, it’s thus necessary to know how to choose the best roofers. One method is to know the questions to ask contractors to gauge their suitability. This article explains the crucial questions you must ask your prospective roofing contractor.

6 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Company in Greenville, SC

Choosing an excellent Greenville roofing contractor is hard work. Fortunately, it wouldn’t be challenging if you knew how to judge their qualifications and competence. The answers to the questions below can help you through this process.

  • Are You Licensed and Insured?

The first thing to ask is proof of licensing and insurance for every roofing contractor you may hire. Here, you’re confirming that they have the state’s authority to carry on the roofing business. Similarly, you’re satisfying yourself that their insurance can cover any consequential damage.

The roofer’s insurance must go beyond primary liability, though. For instance, it’ll help to check for workers’ compensation insurance and company vehicle insurance policies. This way, you wouldn’t have to bear any unforeseen expenses.

  • How Long Have You Been in Business?

Anyone should know that experience matters in all professional endeavors. This doesn’t exclude the roofing business. So, it’s essential to know how long your prospective roofer has been fixing roofs.

Newer companies will have minimal experience in the roofing business. However, if they’ve focused on particular roof types or problems in their short period of existence, then they can have relevant experience in that field. Notably, though, companies that have lasted longer can offer better services.

  • What Type of Projects Have You Worked On?

Having experience is one thing. However, having the relevant experience is another issue. Therefore, you need to know what kind of roofing problems a contractor has resolved. For example, suppose a roofer majors in roof repairs; it means that they won’t be suitable for a roof replacement. In addition, imagine a roofer who’s worked chiefly with particular types of roofs. They may thus not know how to handle another roof type properly.

  • Can You Provide References?

If a roofer has stayed long in business, they must have fixed a couple of roofs. So, you can ask for references for jobs they’ve done in the past few months. Speaking to these clients can thus give you insights into the roofer’s work standards and ethics. Excellent roofing companies wouldn’t have issues providing these references. They may even volunteer the information. This is usually a good sign that hiring them will be beneficial.

  • Do You Give Warranties?

Warranties are excellent for all types of products and services. This includes roofing materials and services too. So, you need warranties for the roofing materials you purchase and your contractor’s work with them.

This means that you must learn what kind of warranties a roofer offers. For example, the warranty period could go from 1 to 25 years or even a lifetime. Warranties depend on the nature of the job, though. Therefore, you’ll have to set reasonable expectations.

  • Are You Certified by Shingle Manufacturers?

Shingle manufacturing companies often train a few roofing contractors. This training usually covers the shingle’s installation and repair process. After this training, manufacturers license the trainees as reliable installers. This certification can thus positively impact the extent of your warranty.

Furthermore, it guarantees that the roofer is qualified to handle that shingle. A certification from a shingle manufacturer is a significant endorsement of the roofer’s skill and standing in the community.

Greenville Roofers at Lanier Roofing and Restoration Can Answer All Your Questions!

Now, you know the top questions to ask when comparing roofing companies. In addition, you have ideas on the correct answers. But, suppose you have more questions concerning your roof and roofing problems. Then, you can ask our team at Lanier Roofing and Restoration.

We have several combined decades of experience repairing and replacing roofs in Greenville, SC. Therefore, we have the correct answers and can even help you implement them. So, it’ll be best to call our roofers in Greenville, SC. We offer free quotes.

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