Has Your Roof Taken a Hit This Summer?


Now that summer is winding down and we’re looking ahead at another cold winter, you need to take stock. Has your roof sustained heat damage? Is it ready to withstand another season of snow, sleet and frozen rain? It’s important that you have a professional roofer from Lanier Roofing look at your home to see what kind of work you’ll need to do.

Your roof probably took a beating this summer. Between the heat, the wind, and the rain, there’s no telling what kind of damage your roof sustained. A roofing professional can come out and take a look at your roof and let you know what needs to be repaired.

Some of the things that can happen to your roof in the summer include:

  • Extreme heat can dry out your roof shingles can cause them to rot
  • High humidity can affect all areas of your roof, causing sealant to come undone and pieces to fall off.
  • The heavy rains of the summer can cause leaks and other water damage

An experienced roofing professional can help repair these issues. They can help get your roof in good shape for the brutal months ahead.

If You Have an Older Roof, You May Have Heat Damage

When your roof has already been exposed to ten or twenty hot summers, it sustains some heat damage. The shingles will start to dry out. They’ll start to curl upward and fall apart. You’re also going to see things like peeling, eroding and buckling. All of these are signs that your roof is falling apart.

Your Lanier roofing expert will come out and look at your roof. They’ll let you know if you can repair your roof. Or, if you need an entirely new roof, they’ll let you know that too. If you notice a significant amount of degradation, you don’t want to wait too long to fix it.

How Hot and Humid are Your Summers?

Summers in North Carolina can be brutal. They can be hot and sweltering. And, if you live anywhere near the water, you’re going to have to deal with high humidity. These things can do a lot of progressive damage to your roof. If you notice any shingles falling off or leaks, it’s time to call an experienced roofer.

You may only need a few shingles repaired. Or, there may be other modifications your roofer can do to improve the condition of your roof. You won’t know until you have someone come out and take a look.

Is the Heat Damage Permanent?

If your roof has sustained several hot and sunny seasons, it may have suffered permanent damage. When the temperature gets too hot, it can cause your roof to peel and crack. In fact, you can see entire sections of your roof split.

This can cause serious leaks. If you wait another year to repair or replace these areas, you can end up with significant water damage. Rather than have this happen, call one of the experts at Lanier Roofing in Greenville and they can help. They’ll give you a fair price and let you know if the work needs to be done of it can wait another year.

Are You Noticing Discoloration?

Some people think that discoloration on your roof is simply a cosmetic problem. Nobody really sees your roof anyway, right? Well, a discolored roof can actually be a sign of other problems. It clearly is a sign that your roof has been exposed to a lot of heat. It can also be a sign of shingles getting wet and drying out.

Have someone take a look to make sure it really is a cosmetic issue. And, if it is, maybe they can do something to fix that. But, if the issue goes beyond mere discoloration, you need to know. You’ll have to make a decision as to whether you want to get the work done now or later.

Contact an Experienced Professional at Lanier Roofing

If you’re having trouble with your roof thanks to a hot, humid summer, it’s okay. There are people out there who can help. Call and speak with an expert roofing professional at Lanier Roofing in Greenville.

They’ll come out and let you know how bad the damage really is. If it can be repaired, they’ll let you know that. If you need an entire roof replacement, they’ll let you know that too. They’ll discuss costs and other options with you. This way, you can make sure your roof is in great shape for this winter.

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