Can Your Roof Save You on Energy?


A new roof or a roof repair can change how much you use in energy and your footprint. Not only can you cut down on some of your bills, but you may also notice just generally nicer environments within your home. Unfortunately, the roof is often the last thing on the homeowner’s minds. That’s not unreasonable. How often do you look at your roof and think, “that could save me money?” Probably not often. But with the help from professionals, your roof can save you on energy.

If you’re already looking at replacing your roof, then you should take the time to choose the materials that will have a lasting impact. With the right choices, you can find something that will help monitor or lower your heating and cooling costs.

Double Insulate

Traditionally homes have a layer of insulation on the flooring of the attic. However, in recent years, homeowners have begun asking contractors to install a layer of insulation under the roof as well. It’s also possible, and reasonable to upgrade your insulation. Even when you’re not looking to replace your roof, you can update and add to your insulation without replacing your roof.

Insulation is the best defense against lost energy. When it comes to keeping cool or hot air in, and the unwanted air out, insulation is your best bet. It’s possibly the only element of your roof that can help keep hot air in during the winter as well.

Proper Ventilation Choices

There are many ventilation options available, and anyone might be the right choice for you. You might give careful consideration to attic ventilation fans. However, if your home has proper or double insulation, then you might notice that this fan pulls out some of your conditioned air. Ultimately leading to more energy use.

However, traditional ventilation options such as intake vents can pull fresh air into your attic. Ideally, that will result in some air rotation rather than stale air continuing to get hotter. A bit of natural airflow can help avoid extreme temperatures in attics.

If you know that your home stores a lot of hot air in the attic, then you may speak with your contractor about additional vents. Lanier Roofing contractors often explain the pros and cons of having additional vents on your roof. They can explain what it will do for your home both in the summer and winter months.

Shingle Color Choice

Dark shingle color choices are popular because they look nice. However, they have the same impact as a black car. They just attract and retain so much heat. You can work with your roofing contractor to find energy-efficient shingles with reflecting solar heat.

Highly reflective shingles are the best. They typically last long, they stay cooler, and they don’t take as much sun damage as traditional shingle’s. As a final bonus, because the shingles do a much better job reflecting the sun’s damage, the asphalt underneath stays in better shape for longer. If you’re looking for ways to not only save on energy but to extend the life of your roof, then look for highly reflective shingles, if possible, in a light color.

Implementing a Radiant Barrier

A radiant barrier is a silver coating which directs heat that comes through the shingles away from the attic. As the air in the attic becomes hot, and the remainder of your home is cool, the pressure will begin to force the hot air into the home. It often has nowhere else to go as it cannot escape through traditional events quickly enough to relieve pressure. That means that your home is constantly working to maintain your target temperature.

However, the radiant barrier helps the attic air from getting too hot in the first place. The term is solar heat gain. You can use a radiant barrier in roofing as well as in decks and or sheathing. This is a great way to reduce your cooling costs during the summer, reduce your footprint, and it doesn’t look like anything other than an ordinary roof.

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