Can New Windows Make My Home Cooler in the Summer?


Summer in South Carolina is usually hot and humid. This can make your air conditioner work extremely hard to cool your home. This means it’ll use more energy and drive up your electricity bill. If your windows are old, they’ll make things worse and you may find yourself sweating even with the AC on. The air you lose through your windows can account for up to 30 percent of your heating and cooling costs. Inefficient windows, therefore, need to be replaced. If you want to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible when the temperatures peak, you need to talk to experienced Greenville, SC contractors. Here are some of the reasons why old windows can be problematic.

They May Have Frames that Offer Poor Insulation

You may not give much thought to your window frames, but they can affect the temperature in your house. Frames are made from a wide range of materials and they each offer different levels of insulation. Vinyl is an excellent option for new replacement windows. Vinyl frames can be made with multiple insulated pockets that help to limit the transfer of heat and cold. These frames are also easy to maintain and available in a wide variety of finishes. They can even be made to look like wood.

If you get genuine wood, you’ll also be able to maintain a consistent temperature in your home. However, you’ll have to maintain the windows on a consistent basis if you want them to remain in good condition and perform adequately. The process of sanding and staining or painting is often too much for busy homeowners.

Meanwhile, even though aluminum windows are affordable, they don’t have any insulating properties. Heat will transfer into your home very easily during the summer. If you want high-performance windows, you shouldn’t consider aluminum frames.

They Tend to Have Just One Pane

If you have an older home that still has its original windows, you likely have single-pane windows. Many homeowners choose them because they’re affordable. However, they offer little insulation from the heat of summer. Single-pane windows let in almost 90 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays into your home. You can tint these windows or add window film for more protection in the short term. However, you should replace them with double- or triple-pane options as soon as you can.

Double-pane windows are ideal if you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency while staying within your budget. Argon gas is placed between the two panes to reduce heat transfer, thereby keeping hot air from getting into the home. If you have a little more to spend, it’s best to get triple-pane styles. They have an additional layer of glass and krypton gas is used to fill the spaces. This provides maximum energy efficiency and you can be sure that the cool air isn’t escaping from you home through your windows.

They Are Often Drafty

Old windows often lose the seal they had around them, and this naturally results in drafts. Drafty windows will result in energy loss. If your windows are letting cool air escape from your home, your air conditioner will once again have to work harder. Your energy bill will likely be a lot higher than it should be if you don’t get your window seals repaired. If your windows are old and you’ve already resealed them multiple times, it’s best to replace them. Not only will you be more comfortable, but you’ll save money.

They Won’t Have a Low-E Glass Coating

Double- and triple-paned windows have a special low-emissivity coating that works in conjunction with the gases. Low-E coatings are designed to reduce the amount of ultraviolet rays and infrared light that can pass through glass. However, they don’t limit the amount of visible light. Since the sun’s rays are strongest during the summer, your home would ordinarily heat up quickly. However, this coating will reflect the rays and keep your house cool. Hanging dark curtains or shade can help to keep even more sunlight out of your living spaces.

Let Lanier Roofing Help You to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Don’t let old, inefficient windows make you uncomfortable during the hottest months. Let Lanier Roofing provide and install the replacement windows you need. We’re one of the leading providers of Interstate windows and we offer a wide range of options. We’ll take your budget and preferences into consideration and provide you with our expert opinion. Contact our Greenville, SC contractors today to learn about your options.

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