Why Are Roof Gutters Important?


No one really considers roof gutters during design. There are some parts of the house that we pay much attention to while setting up a home. We consider these parts important and believe that they make the house better. It could be the decoration for some, while it could be the landscape for others.

However, there are areas that we rarely consider yet are very important. The roof gutter is one of these, and this article explores why it is important to the house. Not having a gutter for your roof or not maintaining it could be a problem, so read on to find out why gutters are important. If you want a roof gutter installed or maintained, contact our Greenville roofing company.

What Are Gutters?

A roof gutter or rain gutter is a channel that runs around the perimeter of a roof, collecting water which it directs into downpipes. The water collected is then channeled into a drainage system.

Types of Roof Gutters

Although gutters do the same thing, there are different types of gutters allowing homeowners to choose depending on their specific needs. As a result, we’ve highlighted some types of gutters that you may consider for your roof.

Half-Round Gutters

Half-round gutters are shaped like a tube cut in half and carry water effectively. Half-round gutters would typically be found in very old homes. Unfortunately, they are also prone to becoming clogged by leaves causing many homeowners to install leaf guards.

K-Style Gutters

K-style gutters are some of the most popular gutters installed by homeowners. With less labor and material costs, it has become the favorite gutter option for many homeowners. Beyond this, it is also a durable option for homeowners.

Fascia Gutters

In houses with wider roofs, fascia gutters are the most common option. This is because it is bigger than both k-style and half-round gutters. Its designs are also a major consideration as homeowners believe it gives the home a nice curb appeal. Fascia gutters are custom-made and must be directly installed into the house’s fascia panel. However, they are also harder to maintain.

Square Gutters

As the name implies, these gutters have a square shape and are often called box gutters. They are usually favored by homeowners in places with heavy rainfall. This is because they can channel large amounts of water and are suitable for residential buildings and large buildings.

However, its ability to collect large amounts of water can also be a problem. If your region does not experience heavy rains, it could get clogged by debris. In addition, they must be properly installed by a professional, or they would cause water to leak into your roof or walls.

Benefits of Roof Gutters

Rain gutters are not nice-to-haves for a building. However, they bring major benefits to the house, and we’ll discuss a few of them in this section.

Roof Gutters Extend the Life of Your Roof

Having water settle on your roof is not good for it as it can fast-track damages to it. When you have gutters that are properly maintained, they channel water away from your roof and into drainage pipes helping to extend the lifespan of your roof. A good roofing contractor in Greenville would be able to put a gutter that properly channels water away from your roof, ensuring that there are no leaks or rot.

Roof Gutters Prevent Flooded Basements

Water would simply drain off your roof and land on the ground without gutters. When it pools next to your house, it can leak into cracks in the house before finding itself in your basement. Having water in your basement can be frustrating as it could cause health hazards to your family.

Roof Gutters Help to Prevent Staining

If you have seen stains on the side of your building, it may be time to check your gutter. Without properly maintained gutters, rain could find its way down the walls. In the beginning, they may not cause much damage, but over time, they will.

Roof Gutters Add to the Curb Appeal

Not many people think of gutters as things that could add to the home’s curb appeal, but they do. Gutters can make your home look better by choosing the color and designs to be used.

Let Experienced Roofers in Greenville, SC, Help You Fix Your Gutter Problems

Having a roof gutter is a must for most homes. However, you may not know if your house needs a gutter or not. But, our experienced Greenville roofers would know this and be able to give you the right advice for your specific needs. Also, even after installing a gutter for your roof, you will still need to maintain it and occasionally fix some problems with it. So whatever your need, contact Lanier Roofing and Restoration.

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