What Should I Do If I’ve Discovered Animals in My Attic?


Most people find animals fascinating. However, when the furry or feathered creatures get onto their roof or into their attic, they aren’t that cute or exciting anymore. They can leave a huge mess and cause damage to the roof. Roofing cleaning can be a pain. And, since roof replacement and roof repairs are costly and time-consuming, you need to keep animals away from your roof as much as possible. To help you ensure your roof stays clean and intact, our Greenville roofing experts will provide some tips for preventing animals from making your attic their home.

How and Why Critters Get into the Attic

Animals tend to burrow their way inside when the temperature starts to drop. Not only do they seek warmth in your home but many of them mate and give birth in spring and summer. By the time you notice large numbers of creatures in your attic, you’ll be wondering how they got in.

Rest assured that it’s not an indictment on your ability to keep your home clean. Any building can attract bats, small rodents, and raccoons. Rodents are experts at getting through cracks in the soffit and siding. They’ll also bite through wood or slip under loose shingles and eaves.

Signs that You Have Animals in Your Attic

Animals will eventually make their presence felt. At night when the house is quiet, you may hear scratching, squeaking, and whimpering in your walls. You may also see droppings or urine along with nests and debris like grass or paper brought in from outside. If you inspect a little more closely, you may notice that insulation or ducts in the attic have been chewed through.

This can lead to fire or leaks, so you need to have it addressed by a professional. Once this is seen to, you need to have a Greenville roofing company address the roofing issues that allowed it to happen. Don’t assume that animals living in your attic will eventually go away and take their issues with them. While they will indeed leave at some point, there will be lots of damage left behind. You and your family could also be at risk for disease.

What to Do If You Discover Critters

There are a number of things you can do to get unwanted guests out of your attic. The first thing you should try is to set up a barrier that would encourage them to make their own way out. The most common solution is an exclusion funnel that leads creatures out of the house and closes off the entry point so they can’t get back in. If you have a window in the attic, you may simply have to encourage birds to fly back out. However, if you have rodents or other animals in large numbers, you’ll need to call pest control professionals.

How to Keep Animals Out of The Attic

The first thing you need to do is have a roofing contractor inspect your roof and attic. While you may take a cursory glance at your roof from the ground, you probably don’t actually venture up there. And while you may go into the attic at least from time to time, you may not inspect it thoroughly. When you get a professional inspection, you’ll know if you need to block cracks or holes that small creatures could get through. The earlier you can detect potential problems, the better it will be.

If there are any missing shingles or tiles, you must have them replaced. Otherwise, birds could build nests in the gaps. If a storm occurs, some of your roofing materials are likely to be damaged or lost so you’ll need to ensure you get the roof checked. Any gaps that animals would exploit need to be addressed.

It is also important to cut back any branches that hang over your roof. Raccoons and squirrels will find it much easier to get onto your roof if there are trees and foliage nearby. Small animals can easily climb up plants and gain access to your home.

Get Professional Roofing Repairs from Lanier Roofing

If your roof is damaged and critters are getting in, you’ll need either roof repair or replacement. Call our roofers in Greenville, SC and schedule an inspection. We’ll quickly diagnose the problem, inform you about what needs to be done, and correct the issues as soon as possible. Your roof needs to be completely intact to protect your family and your possessions from the elements. Contact us today for a free quote.

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