What Kind of Hail Will Damage Your Roof?


A weather notification of a possible hail storm is often sufficient for building owners to panic. This is because hail doesn’t just damage cars and other property left outside. Hail can also cause significant problems for your building’s roof. However, an essential question is whether it’s all types and sizes of hail that can spoil your roof.

Greenville roofers are in a great position to answer this question. So, if you learn that hail is coming, it may be best to call a roofing expert. They can advise you on the possibilities of roof damage, depending on the kind of hail. Furthermore, if the storm passes and causes you harm, a roofing expert can also help you.

What Type of Hail Can Damage Your Roof?

Every house owner should know that not every hail storm is a threat to your roof. Instead, there are particular hail sizes you should look out for in a storm. Below, you’ll find the different kinds of hail that can damage your roof.

  • Small Size Hails (1 Inch and Below)

Mild hail storms often result in only little hails. This kind of hail may be as small as a tiny pebble. Frequently, such small hail sizes blend into the normal rainfall. In such instances, you can expect little to no damage to your roof. However, other existing factors can make this otherwise harmless hail type spoil your roof. Furthermore, even if they harm your roof, it may be difficult to notice the damage. Therefore, it wouldn’t be unwise to do a roof inspection even after minor hailstorms.

  • Medium Size Hails (1 to 2 Inches)

Any hail storm that produces hails between one to two inches is a significant threat to your roof. For instance, if the size is around one-quarter of an egg, it should be sufficient to harm your roof. However, on a new and durable roof, you may have no cause for worry. Yet, it would be best to get a Greenville roofing contractor to conduct a roof inspection after the storm lifts.

  • Large Size Hails (2 Inches and Above)

A large hailstorm will most likely result in extensive damage to your roof. If the hail is more than two inches, it can harm asphalt shingles, wooden roofs, and even clay roofs. However, different roofing types will suffer varying levels of damage.

Therefore, whatever roofing materials you use, it would be best to fix an appointment with your roofing contractor immediately after such a storm. Furthermore, it would help if you called your Greenville roofer early. This is because many other building owners will require their services at the same time.

Other Factors That Determine Hail Damage

Irrespective of the kind of hail, many other factors determine the extent of roof damage. Some of such factors include:

  • The quality of your roof shingles
  • Age and lifespan of your roof
  • The duration of the storm
  • Any delays in getting an expert roof inspection
  • Physical barriers to the hail such as tree coverings

Expert Roof Inspection vs. DIY Roof Inspection

A roof inspection helps you determine the existence and extent of damage to a roof. Many building owners agree that an extensive roof inspection is always the next best step after a hail storm. However, people are often divided on how best to go about the inspection. Some think it’s best to call the professionals. Conversely, many others believe that they can do the job themselves.

The reality is that both the DIY and professional inspections have their advantages. For instance, you can save money on a DIY check. However, it would help if you based your decision on the kind of hail storm. Judging from the descriptions of hail above, you can conduct a personal inspection if it’s a minor storm. However, if it’s a heavy hail storm, it’ll be best to let the experts handle your roof.

Let Greenville’s Roofing Contractors Handle Your Roof Hail Damage Repair

Has your roof suffered significant damage from a hail storm? Or you’re merely unsure of the existence or extent of the damage? Whichever is the case, it would help if you hired the best roofers in Greenville to either repair or inspect your roof. Hail damage, if left for long, can wreck your roof irreparably. So, it would help if you didn’t delay repairs.

At Lanier Roofing, our roofers are professionals who have the best interests of communities at heart. If you commit your roof to us, you can rest assured that we’ll quickly identify any issues on your roof. We can also fix all types of hail damage to your roof. So, it’ll be best to call us today for that roof inspection.

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