Roof Replacement – Can You Remain in Your Home While Redoing the Roof?


A roof may well be one of the most essential parts of a house. It protects homes and their contents, including people and furniture. Sometimes, roof replacement might be a necessity. This need often arises after a terrible storm damages your roof. Conversely, it could merely be that the roof is old and has exceeded its lifespan. Whatever the case, redoing your roof raises crucial questions.

For example, many people want to know if they have to find alternative accommodation until the roof replacement ends. This question is crucial because you may need to remove the roof during work. If the rooftop goes, then what protects you from the elements? Therefore, it’s vital to hire the best Greenville roofers. They’ll have all the answers to your roofing questions.

You Don’t Have To Leave Home for a Roof Replacement

Yes, you can remain in your home while redoing your roof. However, it’s best to make this decision with relevant information. Firstly, it’s crucial to know that average roof replacements don’t take time. This means that if you leave your home, you won’t be gone for long. Furthermore, roofing works are loud and messy.

So, if you stay back, you’d have to deal with consistent loud noises. This noise would come both from the work and workers. In addition, debris such as roofing equipment would be flying around. External conditions such as the weather can also lengthen the working period. This can prolong the period you have to stay away from your house.

Roofers May Need to Come Inside

Finally, it’s crucial to note that roofing experts often need the homeowner’s attention. They may even need to enter the house at some point. Usually, roofers need to access and inspect your attic. So, if you choose to leave home for the reconstruction, it’ll be best to stay reachable by phone.

Things To Consider if You Stay Home While Redoing Your Roof

Suppose you choose to remain home during your roof replacement. There are vital factors you must do for a safe roof replacement.


Roof works can get dangerous for kids. For example, debris is flying around, and they could step on harmful things. Moreover, the noise can be scary and disturbing if they’re pretty young. Therefore, you have to lay down some rules first. You could tell them:

  • Not to go outside while the roofers are working
  • That they can play in designated safe spaces during the roofing job

Lay down these rules long before the Greenville roofers come. Then, finally, reassure them that the discomfort won’t last forever.


Unlike humans, your pets cannot understand why you have to fix your roof. So, dealing with the noise would be more challenging. They cannot also understand the dangers the roof job creates for them. Keeping them safe will thus be more difficult. Loud noises can even cause pets to panic and be fearful.

Fortunately, there are solutions. Firstly, you can send your pets away from the home until your Greenville roofing contractors finish working. Staying far away from that noise would indeed be great for them. Conversely, you can restrict them to safe spots within your home. Such areas include your basement. Since the confinement won’t be for long, it won’t adversely affect your pets.


Another thing you need to consider is how the roofing affects your cars. Roofers often make sure they aren’t blocking your vehicles when they start working. Since you’re staying home, this is very important. It’s crucial because you may have to go out at some point.

Now, if the roofing contractors blocked your car, they’d have to stop work, come down and clear the way. That’s an unnecessary waste of time. In addition, roofing materials can also damage your car. Therefore, it’d be best to find an alternative. For instance, you could ask a neighbor to park the car for you. Parking across the street is a valid option too.

Greenville Roofers at Lanier Roofing Can Work With Your Decision

Do you need to replace your roof? Or do you only need to make some repairs? If you answer both questions in the affirmative, the best roofing contractors in Greenville can help you. Importantly, it would be best if you didn’t redo your roof yourself. Instead, leave your roof for the professionals.

Our Greenville roofers at Lanier Roofing and Restoration have extensive experience with roofing repairs and replacement. In addition, we also conduct roofing inspections. Our roofers are professionals who have a sense of community responsibility. So, it’ll be best to call us today to fix a roofing appointment.

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