What You Should Know About Your Roof as a New Homeowner


Becoming a new homeowner is a significant life event that is both exciting and fulfilling. Getting a new home is like getting into a new relationship, but having a new home comes with so many responsibilities. You now have an investment that needs to be protected.

In the first few years of owning a home, you will understand how homes work. From the plumbing to the HVAC system and even the roofing. One primary responsibility you have as a new homeowner is ensuring your roof is in excellent condition all through the seasons.

Most homeowners often forget about the roofing system of their homes until there’s a leak or, worse, a storm. That is not how to protect an investment like your home. You do not need to wait for unexpected home repairs before getting to know how the roofing system works. You can ask our Greenville roofers questions about your new roof.

Did you just buy a new home or in the market for one? Here are a few things you should know.

Your Roof Won’t Last Forever

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have your roof last forever? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Almost all new homeowners do not think of the lifespan of their roofing system at the point of purchase.

Unfortunately, no roof lasts forever, your home’s roof inclusive. Typically, the life span of most roofs is between 10-20 years, depending on the type of roof, how the roof got installed, and when it got installed. Also, how frequently the rooftop was maintained, especially for old homes, affects the lifespan of your home’s roof.

Before closing the purchase for your new home, get information about repairs and warranties from previous owners if you are not the first buyer of that home. Also, keep in mind the age of your roof if you’re buying an old house and plan to have your roof inspected for repairs or replacement when due. Contact our roofing contractors in Greenville for this.

Schedule Roof Inspection Regularly

Roof repairs for your home should not only be when you are putting your home up for sale or after a hail storm. Unfortunately, many homeowners wait for such occasions before they inspect their roofs.

Even if you had a home inspector inspect your new home before purchase, get a licensed and experienced Greenville roof inspector to check it. A professional will tell you the type of roof and shingles you have and how often you should have your roof inspected.

For example, composite and asphalt shingle roofs need to get professionally inspected at least every three years. Regular inspection will mean early detection of damages or deterioration. The earlier you detect a roof problem, the fewer dollars you spend.

Roof Leaks Are Not Always Obvious

The most apparent indication of roof leaks that most new homeowners look out for is water pouring or seeping into their homes from the roof. However, most leaks are not that obvious. The location of water leaks is often not the location of the roof leak.

Sometimes, water may travel along walls or beams, leaking at different points other than the damaged part of the roof. Look out for subtle signs like wall discoloration, paint bubbles on ceilings as indications of a leak in your home’s roof. Also, do not take the sudden disappearance of a leak as a mysterious self-repair of your roof. Unfortunately, roofs don’t self-repair.

All Roof Materials Are Not the Same

There are various options of roofing materials to choose from for your roofing needs. Not all materials will work for your home’s roof. Factors such as your home’s location, style, climate, price range, and personal aesthetic preference affect the type of materials you use for your roof.

If your home is in a sunny area, you may go for energy-saving shingles. On the other hand, if you’re in an area prone to hail storms and strong winds, shingles that are impact resistant are better options.

Get Professionals for Your Home’s Roofing Needs!

Roofing and roofing inspections are essential for the longevity and safety of your home. Unfortunately, you cannot DIY the repairs of your home roof, no matter the number of videos you watch on YouTube. No matter how easy roof repairs appear on videos, they’re more challenging than they seem.

Roofs have complex layers and structures that only licensed and experienced Greenville roofing professionals understand. Besides the fact that you need a license to work on your rooftop yourself, carrying out DIY roof projects will cause more harm than good.  You may damage the ceiling, walls, and electrical system, or, worse, cause harm to yourself or other occupants of your home.

So, skip the DIY and call a licensed roof contractor today.

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