Hurricane Humberto Moving Away From The Carolinas But Another Storm May Be Coming Now


Living by the coast is exciting and fun, that is until there is a hurricane that is like Humberto followed by another storm on its heels. Making the best of it is what people are doing as they prepare for yet another beating by Mother Nature and her high-octane winds.

Hurricane Humberto Will Not Be Brutal

The hurricane began as a tropical storm gaining strength into a hurricane. It was traveling the path of Dorian’s but moving away from the coast. This is great for the Carolinas because they will not see a heavy output of rainfall. They will, however, be impacted by large rip currents along the coast. The winds will reach 20 and it is termed as a Tropical Cyclone.

Humberto Is The 8th Named Storm Of The Year

Since Humberto is the 8th named storm of the year, people know there are more to follow. There is currently one that is spinning in the Tropics and this one is named Tropical Storm Gabrielle. There is not enough known yet for what the impact will be on the Carolinas. Only time will tell as the people on the coast stand tall and proud waiting for more news as the storm tracks its way closer.

People are taking the days and nights in stride and they can read more about all of it here Keeping up-to-date is the best preparation that people can do by watching the Weather Channel for updates. As the Carolinas have seen a busy hurricane season so far, they are used to the warnings and threats that are happening on a regular basis from the storm after storm that may affect the areas. This will continue to be the case, as there are two more storms brewing up some business after Tropical Storm Gabrielle.

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