How To Maintain Your Commercial Flat Roof


Curb appeal is vital for commercial structures because it makes your property delightful and inviting for customers. If you own a commercial building, you’d likely scrutinize lots of its attributes to ensure that it’s fascinating to your target audience. You’d likely assess the exterior’s signage, materials, landscaping, and color schemes. It’d be great if you prioritize your Greenville roofing the same way.

Your commercial roof helps protect your business from adverse climatic conditions. It also adds the finishing touch to your structure’s charm and should match your building’s quality. There’s no use paying much attention to your facility only to end up installing a commercial roof that’s an eyesore.

Typically, construction experts recommend flat roofing for commercial or industrial buildings. That’s primarily because of the unique advantages flat roofs offer for such structures. But more than just installing a flat roof, it’s essential to pay attention to its maintenance for long-lasting durability. So, what’s a flat roof, and how do you maintain it? We’d show you in this article.

What’s a Flat Roof?

A flat roof is almost entirely horizontal. It has only a slight pitch to facilitate water drainage. It’s a sharp contrast to pitched roofs that have an apparent downward slope. Flat roofs are becoming more popular for commercial construction nowadays.

There are three types of flat roofs: the built-up roof, modified bitumen roof, and rubber membrane roof. They all offer various advantages depending on your needs and preferences.

The Benefits of Flat Roofing on a Commercial Building 

There are a lot of reasons why flat roofs are just right for commercial constructions. Here are a few:

  • Visual Appeal 

With flat roofs, you shouldn’t have any concerns about how attractive your building is to your customers. They’re a sight to behold, and your clients will likely take a minute to admire them as they approach.

  • Easy Installation

Flat roofs are quick and easy to install. Again, installing equipment like solar panels is much easier to do on flat roofs.

  • Effortless Maintenance

The less time you spend worrying about maintaining your commercial roof, the more time you have for more important tasks. With flat roofs, maintenance is a no-brainer. That’s because there are no awkward slopes, angles, and pitches.

  • Wind and Water Resistance

A flat roof installed by expert roofers in Greenville, SC, has a strong ability to resist strong wind. That means that your place of business will remain unshaken even during heavy windstorms.

  • Cost-effectiveness  

Flat roofs are inexpensive with low maintenance and repair costs. That’s always a significant consideration for businesses wishing to maximize profit.

How Do You Maintain a Flat Roof?

We’ve compiled some maintenance tips for you to ensure that your flat roofs remain long-lasting:

  • Remove Debris and Trim Surrounding Trees Regularly

When debris like leaves and twigs accumulate on your flat roof over time, it can cause significant damage to it. When dirt builds up on your rooftop, it quickly causes water pooling, primarily when it blocks the gutters. Again, ice and snow build-up can pull weights on your flat roof and eventually cause a total collapse.

So, it’s essential to rid your roof of snow, ice, and leaves regularly with a broom. It can also help to trim your surrounding trees to avoid leaves and twigs on your rooftop.

  • Prevent Water Accumulation and Leaks

Prioritize fighting water retention on your roof by having efficient drainage systems. If you notice blocked drains, clear them immediately. When your drainage system works efficiently, it will prevent water pooling.

If water pools turn to leaks, call your roofers in  Greenville, SC, asap to fix it. Early repairs will save you lots of stress later on.

  • Conduct Inspections 

Early detection is key to good maintenance. The best way to notice any problems on your roof in time is to inspect it regularly. We recommend that you check your tops two to three times annually and during heavy snow and rainfall.

It’d be challenging to inspect your roof all by yourself, so it’s best you call roofers in Greenville, SC, to carry out extensive checks.

  • Call Only Experienced Greenville, SC Contractors 

You can only carry out proper maintenance when you have qualified Greenville roofers at your beck and call. Ensure that your contractors have experience in roof maintenance and repairs. Otherwise, they’d cause more damage than good to your roof.

Lanier Roofing Can Help You!

The Greenville roofers at Lanier Roofing are qualified to handle all your roofing needs. From installation to repairs and restoration, we’d work diligently to ensure that you enjoy your flat roof for extended periods. Do you have any roofing interests? Call us now; we’re always happy to serve you.

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