How Do I Know If I Need A New Roof?


Most people never check their roof. In fact, the roof is the only part of our home that we give the least attention to. And because of this usual neglect, most homeowners have no idea when they have a roofing problem or when they might need a new roof.

The fact is that roofs are not permanent structures. Even though you might feel as if its a permanent part of your home and something that will never have any problems, nothing could be further from the truth. Because of the extremes of weather, they also undergo wear and tear. Most roofs, even those well-maintained, will last 15-25 years. But since we don’t pay attention, it often happens that by the time water starts to leak from the ceiling or we notice water stains on the walls, significant damage has already occurred. Thus, it is important for all homeowners to get their roof inspected on a regular basis because regular maintenance is far cheaper than having the roof replaced.

Here are some tips that might help you determine if you need a new roof:

  1. Roofing professionals suggest that homeowners inspect the roof once or twice a year, usually during spring. The first place to start your inspection is the attic. The only instrument you need is a flashlight. Here are some things you should look for in the attic:

– Check the roof for any sagging or deviation. Roofs that have become weak will start to sag in.

– Use your hands to check if there is any wetness around the attic.

– Look for any visible signs of a water leak, or water damage.

– Check for any water stains which may be visible on the wood. In long-standing cases, water stains may be obvious.

– Check to see if the light from outside is penetrating in any part of the attic. This could be indicative of a tear or a hole in the shingles.

  1. The next step is to do an external check of the roof. Keep in mind that if you have never been on a roof, do not have a ladder and do not feel that it is something you should be doing, simply call a roofing contractor. Inexperienced homeowners who have never inspected their roof can slip and fall. Take caution and do what it only if you’ve done it before and if you’re comfortable doing it.
  2. If you feel you can inspect the roof, you will need a ladder. You should also have a friend or family member to assist you. Once on the roof, check for any obvious damage to the roof. What you should be looking for are curled shingles, missing shingles, buckling or rotting shingles and greenish algae growth which is common when the shingles have been exposed to water in warm weather for a long time. In the case of rot shingles, you will note the presence of ‘shingles sand’ on the roof indicating severe damage.
  3. Walk over by the chimney and determine if the structure has any loose bricks or if the chimney is drooping.
  4. While on the roof, check for any wet spots or areas of water collection. These areas often lead to a growth of organisms eventually leading to roof damage.
  5. Examine the downspouts and gutters to ensure that they are securely attached to the walls. The drains should be open to permit water to exit, and the drain sports should be free of all debris, leaves, and soil.

If you note any of the above features, call a professional roofing contractor for a more thorough inspection. They will be in a better position to determine what needs to be done.

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