Four Times When You Need Emergency Roof Repair


Whether you have a residential or commercial property, your roof can be damaged by a range of occurrences. Everyday wear and tear, harsh weather, and storms can cause you to need emergency roof repair. While there are certain issues that you may be able to put off, there are others that need to be addressed immediately. Problems that seem small one day can quickly become much larger. In this article, we’ll look at some of the situations that require you to call a Greenville roofing company right away.

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Your Roof Suffered Hail Damage 

Hailstorms don’t occur as often as heavy rain or strong winds, but they can be very damaging. If your roof is already compromised, hail can be especially destructive. Hail can crack shingles, dent metal panels, and cause leaks. When it is accompanied by heavy rain, the damage can be significant. You need to check your roof immediately after a major hailstorm or get a professional to inspect it for you.

You’ve Lost Shingles to High Winds  

Wind can cause a wide range of damage to your roof. High winds can fell branches or trees or uplift shingles and expose the roof structure to the elements. Constant high winds can also wear down the roof. Roofs with old, brittle shingles are most vulnerable to strong or unrelenting winds. If you notice that shingles are missing from your roof after high winds, you need to get emergency roof repair. You have to act before debris or water gets into the sublayer of your roof.

A technician repair a roof that has been damaged.

You’ve Been Neglecting Maintenance 

Roof maintenance can be a hassle, but it is necessary. If you put off repairs or routine check-ups for a long time, you could find yourself facing a big problem. Repairs may be way more expensive than they previously would have been. The damage could also be so serious that you need to replace the roof.  If you haven’t been looking after your roof and gutters, schedule an urgent inspection now. This will allow you to save time and money later.

The Rainy Season is Approaching

Much of the damage that occurs to roofs is due at least partially to water damage. While hail, wind or flying or falling debris may impact the roof first, water will likely cause the most problems. You can avoid water damage by getting your roof checked for leaks and areas of weakness. If there are missing shingles or seams that are coming apart, you must have them addressed immediately. You need to ensure that water can’t get in and damage your home and its contents.

Animals Have Been Causing Damage

If you notice increased animal activity in the area of your roof, you should call a roofing professional. Raccoons, squirrels, and woodpeckers like to nest in roofing and siding. They may chew holes through the roof and leave your home or business vulnerable to more damage.

There Are Water Stains on Your Ceiling

If you notice stains on your ceilings after heavy rainfall, you need to get the leak fixed. If the bad weather continues, the leak is likely to get even bigger. Your possessions could be damaged if you ignore the leak for a long time. You need to get a roofer on the job as soon as the weather improves.

There are Ice Dams on the Roof

The cycle of freezing and thawing can result in several roof problems. When ice dams trap water under shingles, the roofing materials can deteriorate rapidly. Water can begin to leak inside. The added weight of ice and water can also compromise the roof. Freezing and thawing can also force the roofing materials to gradually move apart. Over time, this weakens the roofing system. You need to have a roofing expert check your roof if there’s been a heavy snowfall.

Let Lanier Roofing Help with Your Emergency Roof Repairs

Ongoing maintenance is key. However, if you notice that something is not quite right with your roof, you should get it checked out immediately. At Lanier Roofing we’ll inspect your roof and advise you as to what needs to be done. Whether your home was damaged by rain, wind, debris or hail, we can fix the problem. We’ll take your budget and preferences into consideration as we work to get your roof in excellent shape.

As Greenville, SC contractors, we know that the elements can wreak havoc on the roofs of homes and businesses alike. When you need repairs or roof replacement, we’ll use our experience to help you. We’ll keep you updated throughout the process and do everything we can to make your building look great again. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and get a free quote. We work on both residential and commercial properties.

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