DIY vs. Professional Roof Repairs: What You Need to Know


Attempting roof repairs to save a few bucks may seem like a good idea, but in reality, it often costs more in the long run. As a homeowner, you likely don’t have the proper training, safety equipment, or experience to perform roof repairs correctly and safely. One wrong move and you could seriously injure yourself or damage your roof further.

Professional roofers in Greenville have extensive training and knowledge of roofing systems and materials and follow strict safety standards to properly assess the issue, make necessary repairs or replacements, and ensure a watertight seal. They are also insured and licensed in case of any accidents.

Common Roof Repairs DIYers Attempt

Here are a few common roof repairs most homeowners attempt to DIY:

Patching and Sealing Leaks

You likely have a leaky roof if you notice water stains on your ceiling or attic. Small cracks or holes in shingles, flashing, or vents are often an easy DIY fix with roof cement or sealant and mesh tape. You may need to apply a patch and cover it with sealant for larger holes or gaps.

Replacing Damaged or Missing Shingles

Missing or severely damaged shingles should be replaced to prevent leaks and maintain your roof’s integrity. Replacement is straightforward if you have spare shingles from your roof’s installation. Otherwise, you’ll need to purchase new shingles that closely match your existing ones.

Clearing Gutters and Downspouts

Clogged gutters can lead to water damage in the attic, siding, and foundation. Cleaning them yourself is dirty work, but it can save you money. Scoop out large debris with your hands, then flush the gutters with a hose to remove smaller clogs.

Tightening Loose or Exposed Nails

Loose or exposed nails in your roof can eventually lead to leaks. Set aside a day to inspect your entire roof for any nails that are sticking up, poking out, or have pulled away from the wood underneath. Grab a hammer and roofing nails or screws that match your existing ones.

Mistakes Made During DIY Roofing Repairs

Those who attempt DIY roof repairs often create more damage and spend more money in the long run. There are several common mistakes made by homeowners trying to tackle this challenging job themselves.

Improper Safety Precautions

Roofing is dangerous work, especially for amateurs. Many DIYers forgo essential safety gear like harnesses, helmets, and protective eyewear. This puts them at high risk of falls, injuries from debris, and eye damage. Always put safety first when doing any roof work.

DYI repairs to the roof can make the damage worse

Choosing the Wrong Materials

Selecting incorrect materials for your roof type and climate is costly. Asphalt, metal, tile, and single-ply roofs each require specific products designed for that material. Using the wrong underlayment, sealants, or fasteners can void warranties and reduce the lifespan of a new roof.

Poor Installation Technique

Installing roofing materials is a skill that takes experience to master. DIYers often have uneven, improperly secured, or incorrectly overlapped materials that lead to leaks, blow-offs, and other issues. For the best results, hire a reputable contractor to handle the installation.

Lack of Building Code Knowledge

Local building codes include specific requirements for roof installations to ensure safety, durability, and structural integrity. DIY roofers typically lack understanding of these codes and unknowingly do work that does not meet standards.

What to Expect During the Roof Repair Process With a Pro

A professional contractor will evaluate the damage to your roof before starting repairs. They’ll inspect the attic and interior rooms below the roof for water damage or leaks. The pros will then provide recommendations and a free estimate for the necessary repairs.

Professional roofers will thoroughly inspect your entire roof, not just the visibly damaged areas. They check the attic, ceilings, and walls for signs of water damage. The pros use special equipment like infrared cameras to detect damage below the surface.

For major repairs or re-roofing, the pros will obtain the proper permits from your local building department. They handle all the paperwork and scheduling required to ensure your roof repair meets local building codes. DIY roof repairs often violate codes and insurance policies, putting you at risk.

Don’t Take a Hammer to Your Roof: Call The Pros at Lanier Roofing

Rather than take a hammer to your roof and hope for the best, call the pros at Lanier Roofing. We have over 100 years of combined experience and can properly handle roof repair or replacement. Lanier Roofing handles residential and commercial roof installations, repairs, and replacements for asphalt shingle, metal, tile, slate, and flat roofs.

Call Lanier Roofing today at (864) 990-4836 for a free roof inspection and estimate. Our friendly staff will schedule a convenient time for our professional roofers to evaluate your roof and recommend the best solution for your needs and budget.

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