What are the Differences Between Residential and Commercial Roofs?


Roofing professionals have to be able to meet all of their clients’ needs. Some of their clients are homeowners. Other clients own businesses or commercial buildings. Although it seems like these types of clients would have totally different needs, that’s not necessarily true. Although there are obviously major differences between residential and commercial roofs, they both need to be installed by professionals. And they both need to be installed using high-quality materials. If a roofer doesn’t know what he’s doing, he can cause long-term problems for a homeowner or commercial property owner. That’s why it’s so important that you call an expert such as the roofers at Lanier Roofing.

Regardless of whether you need a residential or commercial roof, your professional is going to use some of the following materials:

  • Asphalt, slate, tile or ceramic shingles
  • Wood shakes
  • Metal roofing
  • Solar shingles
  • Built-up roofing materials

What Are Some of the Unique Features of Commercial Roofs?

If you’ve ever looked at a commercial property, you probably noticed that they tend to have flat roofs. Not only does this make more sense for things like signage, but it also allows them to be uniform with neighboring businesses.

The other reason businesses prefer a flat roof is for practical purposes. The tops of commercial properties tend to have things like smoke stacks, air flow systems, and external piping. This just isn’t conducive to a sloped roof. The roofers have to make room for these fixtures and that requires them to install a flat roof rather than a pitched one.

Commercial properties also tend to have much larger roofs than residences. Given the cost of a sloped roof, it makes sense that commercial property owners would tend to go with a flat roof. When you consider that a pitched roof costs as much as 25% more than a flat roof, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for a commercial builder to go with a pitched roof.

Although flat roofs require more maintenance and can be more expensive over the long-term, businesses would rather hold on to their money upfront. They can either prepare and save for potential roofing issues later, or they can rely on insurance. Very few businesses would want to part with over $10,000 more than they have to when it comes to installing their roof.

What are the Characteristics of a Residential Roof?

Most homes tend to have a pitched or sloped roof as opposed to a flat roof. Part of this is for aesthetics. The other part is for practical purposes. Pitched roofs are less likely to leak than a flat roof. They also are a lot easier and cheaper to maintain.

Homes are also made of different materials. Because homeowners want their homes to be as cool as possible in the summer, many residential roofs have a lighter color than commercial roofs. This increases both the reflectiveness and emissivity of the roof. It can lower the internal and external temperature of a home by as much as ten degrees. Commercial property owners are not as concerned with lowering the internal temperature as much as homeowners are.

The other thing about a residential roof is that it’s a lot smaller than a commercial roof. It also has fewer obstacles than the roof of a business. At most, a roofer may be dealing with a chimney. They don’t have to work around smoke stacks and other issues. This makes it a lot easier and cheaper to install a residential roof than a commercial one.

One main difference between commercial and residential roofs that has come about of late is the use of solar panels. Not many business owners are going to bother to install solar panels. They don’t get the same credit on the price as a homeowner. It also doesn’t make a lot of sense to install solar panels on a property that isn’t used about half the day.

Call a Roofing Professional at Lanier Roofing

Whether you need to install a commercial or residential roof, you need to call a professional at Lanier Roofing. They service both types of clients in South Carolina for all their roofing needs. You can schedule a free estimate at your home or business location.

Professional roofers know the differences between residential and commercial roofs. They have the materials, resources and knowledge to install a high-quality roof no matter what type of building. Call today and speak with one of their helpful roofing professionals today.

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