Common Issues Caused by Roof Leaks


There are some building maintenance issues that you can put off for a little while. A leaking roof isn’t one of them. When your residential or commercial roof needs repairs you should see to it as soon as possible. Leaks develop for several reasons including storm damage, poor maintenance, and substandard roof installation. Furthermore, a roof that is nearing the end of its lifespan is likely to present several problems.

Roof leaks are more than just an inconvenience. They pose threats to the health and safety of residents or workers. They can even cause damage to your home’s foundation. Furthermore, fixing leaks can be extremely costly if you wait too long. Let’s look at some of the problems roof leaks can cause.

Ceiling and Attic Damage

If you have an attic, this is likely to be the first area that gets damaged. You may use your attic for storage or as a sleeping area and water damage would be a major inconvenience. For homes without an attic or commercial buildings, the ceiling will get damaged. You may notice dark spots or bubbles in the ceiling plaster. Ceiling lights and fans and paint and plaster on nearby walls can also show signs of damage.

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When you have a leaking roof, water will get into the roofline and dampen the interior surfaces. Left unaddressed, this can cause mold to grow quite quickly. All mold needs to spread is moisture, a food source, and heat. It can spread through the building’s structure, get into the HVAC system, and then spread throughout the house. Mold can grow on insulation, wood, grout, drywall, and carpeting so virtually no surface will be safe. Prolonged leaks tend to lead to black mold which is rarely toxic but costly to eradicate.

Structural Weakening

As moisture develops on your wooden beams and mold grows, the building’s support structure could weaken. Frames, rafters, fascia board, and exterior trim are all vulnerable to water. Over time, your roofline may sag or even collapse. If you don’t want the wooden elements of your house or commercial building to rot, it’s best to prevent water damage. You’ll need urgent help from a Greenville Roofing Company if the structure of the building is compromised.

Damaged Insulation

Your insulation can get wet if you have a hole or gap in the roof. If you have fiberglass insulation, it will become heavy and begin to pucker. This prevents it from creating a heat barrier like it’s supposed to and also adds lots of weight to the ceiling.

Health Problems

Mold and mildew can cause a number of health issues including asthma, rhinitis, throat irritation, coughing, and nasal congestion. People with mold allergies and compromised immune systems are likely to experience more serious symptoms.

Fire Hazards

If there’s electrical wiring in your attic or ceiling, a leaking roof could spell trouble. If water comes into contact with a shorter wire, a fire could start. Consider turning off the electricity to the area that’s leaking and call an electrician to inspect the wiring.

Higher Utility Bills

As mentioned previously, water can damage your building’s insulation. If the situation is left to worsen over time, you’ll notice an increase in your energy bills. That’s because your home will be losing hot or cold air and your HVAC system will struggle to regulate the temperature.

Slips and Falls

With minor leaks, you may just notice small wet stains on your ceiling. However, major leaks can result in water puddling on the floor. Whether you own a commercial or residential building, this is a serious problem. You don’t want relatives or customers to fall and injuring themselves because they failed to notice a puddle.

How to Know If You Have a Leaking Roof

If you have a roof leak, you’ll see the signs. In addition to the obvious water stains, you may hear dripping water or see water spots under the roofline. When this happens, you need to protect your belongings and catch the water, if possible. It’s also important to dry areas that got wet, so mold doesn’t develop. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to call a roof contractor in Greenville, SC for emergency roof repair.

Contact Lanier Roofing for all Your Roof Repair Needs

When your roof gets damaged, you need to move quickly. Delaying repairs can lead to electrical issues, water damage, illness, and other problems. As soon as you notice signs of damage, call our expert team at Lanier Roofing. We can fix the leak and protect your home so schedule an inspection today.

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