Commercial Roofing Certification: What Is It’s Importance?


The commercial roofing industry has gone through revolutions. One of the significant ones is the certification of roofing contractors. The purpose of the certificate is to have standard rules of operation for commercial roof contractors. It also attracts many people to pursue a career in commercial roofing.

Who is a certified roofer? An accredited roofer has proven knowledge of the latest best practices in roofing installation, repairs, and replacement.

Certification boost customers’ trust in contractors. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) is the roofing alliance. They established the organization in 1996 to serve as a resource roofing industry. And a voice for the contractors and customers. It’s the federal roofing association that certifies commercial roofing contractors.

Besides the NRCA, roofing material manufacturers also certify outstanding contractors.

Here are some examples of certifications the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) offers:

  • NRCA ProCertified Asphalt Shingles Installer
  • NRCA ProCertified Architectural Metal Flashings and Accessories Installer
  • NRCA ProCertified Metal Panel Roof Systems Installer
  • NRCA ProCertified Roofing Foreman

Before a commercial roofing contractor is certified, he must demonstrate a thorough knowledge and understanding of the manufacturer’s roofing products. He must meet the state’s licensing requirements.

The manufacturer will inspect the number of installations the contractor has done with its products. They will examine the quality of the roof installation. They will also examine if the contractor followed their instructions and best practices.

The state of South Carolina requires contractors to obtain a license to work in the state. There are three kinds of permits you can apply for depending on the type of work you do – general contractor, residential home builders, and residential specialty contractors.

There are many advantages contractors get from certification. Here are some examples.

Enhances Company’s Reputation in the Local Market

Commercial roofing contractors go through strict processes before certification. The process includes submitting business documents. The commercial roofing contractors must state the physical location of the company. As well as their service areas.

The process ensures the commercial roofing contractor has everything to work. It also boosts the company’s reputation as a reliable partner.

Shingle manufacturers only certify roofing companies with years of experience. The contractors must have a track record of excellent roof installation and customer service. A certificate from well-known shingle manufacturers set the roofing company apart from the others.

Consistency of Roof Installation

Customers in the entire country can trust a certified contractor to give them the best roof installation. Contractors over the country follow the same rules and regulations. This ensures that you will receive consistent quality installation services everywhere.

Strengthens Customers’ and Suppliers’ Confidence

Would you seek medical care from a noncertified health professional? No. The same applies to commercial roofing contractors. Roofing material suppliers are also confident when working with certified commercial roofers. That’s because they will ensure the proper use of their materials.

Quality of Roofing Work for Commercial Buildings in Greenville

All certified roofers in Greenville also have a license. There is a difference between certification and licensing. Certification involves taking advanced training programs. After the training, the contract must pass an exam.

The contractor must renew his certificate and license yearly. the customer benefits because contractors use the latest technology and practices.

In addition, certified contractors can also serve as consultants.

The Use of Quality Roofing Materials

When you work with a certified contractor, you can trust that they will use products of high quality. Experience and certified contractors only work with well-known and trusted roofing material manufacturers. This ensures that all the materials used for your project have passed the quality test.

Increased Productivity During Roofing Projects

Productivity is necessary for the company and the customer. The training program ensures that roofing contractors utilize the best practices. This, in turn, fosters high productivity at work. High productivity gets the job done on time. Certified commercial roofers save a lot of time when working on roof installation.

Variety of Services

The most experienced roofing contractor has many certifications from different manufacturers. A contractor with multiple certificates can perform various kinds of roofing jobs. These include complex commercial and residential roof repair or replacement. The many certificates also show that they can work with different roofing materials from other manufacturers.

Higher and Better Warranty

As a commercial building owner, you need a warranty on all roofing services a contractor offers. Most roofing materials manufacturers provide long-term warranty only to certified commercial roofing contractors. Contractors without certificates usually buy their roofing materials from shops with little or no warranty.

Working with a certified commercial is the best decision any commercial building owner can make. This is true because the contractor becomes eligible for exclusive warranties and discounts.

There are a lot of benefits a property owner can get from roofing warranties. These include the following:

  • It increases your property value: When the roofing contractor gives you a warranty certificate, you can present it to a potential buyer. If there is roof damage, it will be easy to fix at little to no cost. It guarantees the buyer won’t have to invest heavily in roof repairs.
  • It protects your investment: Roof replacement or repair demands heavy investment. Roofs are susceptible to the elements of nature. Even with a newly installed roof, there can be problems, especially from intense storms. A long-term warranty from a manufacturer and contractor will help protect your investment.

Hire a Certified Commercial Roofing Company in Greenville, SC

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