Commercial Roofer: Choosing the Best One


When choosing the best commercial roofer for your property, you must take it as a job interview because it is. The roofing contractor wants you to hire him to do work for you. Considering every part of the hiring process is the key to achieving the best roofing results.

We’ve put together a list of essential points to consider when hiring commercial roofing contractors in Greenville.

A Valid Contractor’s License

Would you trust an unlicensed medical doctor with your life? No. And that’s why it’s important to ask the commercial roofer to produce his valid license before signing any contract. It’s a way for the contractor to prove that he’s up to date on the modern building codes in your city. Not every commercial roofer has the license to operate in your town. So it’s essential to know he can do business in your city.

Ask for a Workman’s Warranty

As a commercial property owner, you’d spent a lot of money fixing your roof. You must ask the contractor if they have any workman’s warranty. The workman’s warranty guarantees that they’ll fix minor problems with your roof.

The contractor should guarantee a workman’s warranty because problems like the wrong installation of a roofing material occur even with new roofing. When that happens, a workman’s warranty will protect you. If the contractor only does big jobs, who will help you when issues arise.

Local Business

Technology has made it possible for many out-of-town businesses to pose as local businesses. Here’s why the commercial roofer needs to be a local business. They’ll know the local building codes, and it will be easy for them to follow them to the letter. For instance, commercial roofing contractors in Greenville know the commercial and residential building codes in Greenville more than out-of-town contractors.

What’s more important is that you can find them without difficulty when something goes wrong. There are instances where a contractor couldn’t be found anywhere to fix a minor roofing issue after installation.

It’s equally important to ask for their experience in the commercial roofing business. There are noticeable differences between a commercial roof and a residential one. Knowing that your contractor has experience in working on commercial properties will go a long way in his service provision

Do They Have a Permanent Address?

Aside from the roofer being a local contractor, does the contractor have a permanent place of business, or does it operates from only a Post Office box? If a commercial roofing contractor has a permanent business, it shows how legitimate he is. The number of years they’ve been in business in your city is a factor you must consider.

Check Their Reviews on Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau reports complaints customers have about businesses. So if customers had a bad experience with a contractor, they’d write it on their website for years. If you have questions about a particular commercial roofer, search on the better business bureau to find more about them.

Manufacturer’s Accredited

Most of the top roofing material manufacturers give accreditation to roofing contractors. If you’re looking forward to using products from a specific manufacturer, you have to check to see if your roofer has accreditation from that company.

The contractor should be able to recommend the best brand and the best materials suitable for your roof. A contractor who can’t decide on the best brand and works with any brand isn’t what you want.

When a manufacturer accredits a contractor, the roofing material manufacturer trusts the contractor. It also means the contractor will use all the best practices for the roofing installation.

Manufacturers Warranty

One question you’d want to ask the contractor is if they’ve registered a warranty with the manufacturer of the roofing material. Many manufacturers require paperwork and receipts because it’s not only the shingles material that a contractor has to use. But other components necessary for the job are being used appropriately. Why is this important?

Only organized contractors can provide the necessary documents to the manufacturer. Someone who goes into a store and buys the roofing material doesn’t have a relationship with the manufacturer. And if the business owner doesn’t have a registered warranty with the manufacturer, who will cover the contract if it goes out of business.

Ask for Referrals

Before committing to a commercial roofing contractor, ask the roofer to give you a referral list. A great contractor would be more than happy to provide the list. When you have the list of referrals, there are a few questions you can ask the property owner to get to know if the contractor is a good fit.

Good Reviews

After you’ve talked to the contractor’s references, it’s time to search for their reviews. Do a simple Google search about your potential contractor to see what other property owners say about them. This will give an idea of their services and how their customers feel about them.

When doing a Google search about the contract, be careful about online companies that promise to link you up with the best local commercial roofers. Here’s why. These companies sell your information to roofers who are willing to bid higher for data. The more money they bid, the better your chances of winning, which doesn’t necessarily equate to a better contractor.

A simple Google search and reviews from many customers will help.

Insist on a Detailed Written Proposal

The commercial roofer should be able to provide a detailed written proposal. The proposal should cover the following:

  • A complete description of the job specification.
  • Detailed product and color selection.
  • Spelled out the approximate start and completion date and payment terms.

The proposal will help the property owner know how the contractor intends to follow local building codes.

Never Go With the Lowest Bid

If you always go with the lowest bid, you’d want to consider why their estimation is so low compared with other local roofers. When their estimate is low, it can lead to the use of inferior roofing materials or subpar work.

When hiring a commercial roofer, you must ask these questions. Take your time and go through these points with every roofer who contacts you for the job. Commercial roofing is an expensive investment, so take your time and do your due diligence. You can Google the best roofing company near me. The search will help you know the best option to go with.

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