Benefits of a Professional Roof Inspection


As a homeowner, you should never underestimate the value of a professional roof inspection. Your roof protects against extreme weather conditions, storms, and water damage. However, you could face some problems such as mold growth or leakage if professionals do not periodically inspect your roof. While you can easily spot obvious roofing problems, some signs of damage are only visible to professionals.

You may need a thorough roof inspection, especially if the roof is more than five or ten years old. During a professional assessment, the inspectors will search for leaks, tears, mold, and other roofing damages. There are four phases in a roof inspection: Structural inspection, Material inspection, Workmanship inspection, and Interior inspection. During the structural inspection, the roof inspector will check the fascia and the gutter system, the chimneys, and the attic venting.

The inspector will check the interior areas for mold, rot, leaks, and water stains in the inspection. Once the professional inspection is complete, the inspector will give detailed feedback about the roof’s condition and whether there is a need for repairs or replacements. Below are the benefits of having a professional roof inspection.

Benefits of Having a Professional Roof Inspection

Thinking if you should get some professional Greenville roofers to check out your roof? Here are some reasons why you should go through with that thought.

  • You’ll Detect Hidden Damages Faster

Some roof issues are not always visible to the untrained eye and may not be visible from the ground. However, professional inspectors know what to look out for and can easily detect signs of damage you may be unable to see. They will look out for corroded materials or materials that have fallen out of the roof. Also, roofing contractors have the necessary equipment to climb and go through the roof to detect damages that are not easily visible.

  • Ease in Filing an Insurance Claim

After events such as a storm or disaster, it is essential to schedule a professional roof inspection to detect the damages. If there are problems, the inspector will give a detailed report that you can submit to your insurer to get a repair or replacement after you file a claim. The report will include photographs of the roof along with the damages and the recommended steps to take. Having a professional roof inspection done will make it easier to file a claim with your insurance provider. After the insurance provider approves the claim, the roofer will work with the provider to carry out the needed repairs and replacements.

  • Timely Repairs/Replacement

The sections of a roof usually wear out at different rates. Since many damages may not be visible to the property owner or when viewing the roof from the ground, there is the possibility of minor damages becoming major over time due to no thorough inspection. A professional inspection helps to avoid this as the inspector will inspect various sections of the roof and detect minor damages that may result in significant leaks over time. With this, you can easily repair or replace portions of the roof that have been damaged.

Timely repairs can save you from repairing or replacing parts of the roof every now and then. Also, detecting leaks or issues on time can help you save costs as minor issues can develop into major damages over time. For example, a small leak that has not been corrected can cause rot and damage the roof decking over time.

  • Safety

Conducting a roof inspection on your own can be risky as you may not have the required experience and the tools needed to navigate the roof without falling or causing further damage.  Also, there may be weak spots on the roof which you can step on accidentally and fall through the section. Professional inspectors know how to navigate these and they also have the necessary knowledge and safety equipment to conduct a successful roof inspection.

  • You’ll Get a Detailed Report

A professional roof inspection will end with a detailed report on the state of the roof and any possible need for repairs or replacement. Roofs are designed to last for a number of decades though this may vary depending on factors like weather, maintenance, and the quality of the roofing materials. With a professional inspection, you’ll get to know how durable the roof is and an estimate of the roof’s lifespan. This will help you plan better for repairs or replacements.

Contact Lanier Roofing to Get a Professional Roof Inspection

Spotting minor and major damages on your roof could be very difficult without the help of a roofing contractor. Contact our Greenville roofers at Lanier Roofing to schedule a professional inspection. We also offer top-notch roof repair and replacement services.

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