What Are Some of the Roofing Scams You Need to Beware of in South Carolina?


Like it or not, there are unscrupulous companies out there who loves to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. When it comes to something as expensive as a new roof, you want to make sure you’re dealing with a good roofing company that is fair and reputable.

Nobody should take advantage of you. And companies with a good reputation shouldn’t have to compete with companies that will treat their customers like fools. When it comes to roofing, homeowners shouldn’t be experts. They don’t know the first thing about repairing or replacing a roof. And, why should they? They’re not roofing professionals.

You should be able to trust that your roofing company will treat you with honesty and respect. So, when a company doesn’t do that, you have a right to know. That’s why the expert staff at Lanier Roofing in Greenville, South Carolina wants you know the warning signs.

Here are some of the biggest scams that exist when it comes to hiring a roofing company. If you suspect that you’ve been taken advantage of, contact your local Better Business Bureau. You may even need to speak with a local attorney. Then, call the professionals at Lanier Roofing – a company that will treat you with the dignity and professionalism you deserve.

Storm Chasers

Some of the most despicable scam artists are storm chasers.  These companies will look for towns that are suffering from major storms. This could include a tornado, hurricane or flood. They send agents door-to-door, offering to repair homeowners’ roofs.

What they do is tell you that they’ve working for several local homeowners. They may even pretend to have been sent by local government or FEMA. They’ll say they’ve noticed you suffered certain damage to your roof and that they’ll offer you a fair price for repairs.

These companies are often not licensed or even authorized to do work in your area. They prey on people who are victims in these major storms. They charge exorbitant amounts and take advantage of as many homeowners as they can.

Low Bids and Fluctuating Bids

A lot of companies will offer to do the work on your home for a really low price. Then, they tell you over time that the price has gone up. By the time they’re done, you’ll end up paying much more than the job should cost.

One way to spot these charlatans is that their bid will be much lower than anyone else’s. They entice people with really low prices and then, once they start working on your roof, the price goes up. They hold you hostage knowing that, once they start, the work needs to be completed. Your choice will be to deal with a half-completed roof or to pay the ridiculous amounts they’re charging.

Fake Damage

If you need your roof repaired or replaced, you’ll know it. If someone comes to your house and says they “noticed” you need work done, be careful. You will be the first one to notice that there’s a problem with your roof.

If you’re worried that something may be wrong on your roof, call one of the trusted professionals at Lanier Roofing. They’ll come out and give you a free estimate. They’ll tell you the truth and won’t inflate the damage that needs to be repaired.

Insurance Fraud

If a company tells you they can get more money from the insurance company than another roofer, be wary. Insurance companies know when they’re being scammed. And, the person who’ll pay the biggest price is you.

Every homeowner has something called a CLUE score. This stands for Comprehensive Loss Underwriter’s Exchange. Insurance companies share information when it to comes to insurance claims. If your score is damaged by a fraudulent claim, nobody will want to write your insurance.

Inadequate Repairs

When you pay thousands of dollars to get your roof fixed, you shouldn’t have to worry about needing to fix it again in a few months or a year. A good roofing company should do solid work so you don’t have to worry about things like this.

Some companies don’t do good work – it’s that simple. They cut corners and do incomplete work. Or, they use subpar materials even though they charged you for quality materials. The roofing professionals at Lanier Roofing won’t disrespect you like that. They do quality work using quality materials.

Call today and speak with a roofing professional at Lanier Roofing. They can answer any questions you may have. They can even come out to your home and provide you with a free estimate.

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