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Whether you are a homeowner with storm damage or a general contractor with multiple houses being built, we want to be your roofer. Contact us to discuss how we can assist you to meet your construction goals.

New Construction

We work with general contractors to provide roofing solutions for their custom and spec homes. We coordinate with the superintendant to make sure materials arrive on time and our crews make sure that the houses are dried in as quickly as possible.

Residential Re-roofs

We understand that the most important part of a house is its roof. As a house starts approaching the 15 yr mark, it’s time for the homeowner to start considering a new roof. A professional roof consultant will do an in depth roof inspection and make the homeowner aware of the present condition of the roof and make suggestions on any preventative maintenance. In the event that it is time for a new roof, our consultants will work with you to determine the right roof for you.

Storm Damage

Wind and Hail damage affect thousands of people in our area each year and Lanier Roofing and Restoration is dedicated to helping our customers utilize their homeowners insurance to restore their house to its original condition. Our professional roof consultants will work with you and your insurance company to make sure your roof is replaced in a timely manner so that you don’t have to worry about your home and its contents.

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